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Chapter 190.2 - Seeing the King of Assassins Again

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 190.2: Seeing the King of Assassins Again

    Who….. could have killed so many Sting Butterflies of Deceased Souls? Only to fill up the boglands, to be able to step over their corpses, walking across like it was flat ground.

    “Looks like someone had gotten ahead of us to cross over to the other side first.” A femininely beautiful man said scoffingly with a laugh.

    “Although the Sting Butterflies of Deceased Souls are low level demon beasts, but they live in a swarm. If anyone agitates them, they will always attack together in one big swarm, gnawing on the offender till he’s nothing but bones, so no one would carelessly want to get such a great number of these pesky and highly vengeful fellas riled up. Moreover, it is really no easy task to kill so many countless Sting Butterflies of Deceased Souls. I wouldn’t mention it if this was done by a large group of people, but the wounds on every one of these Sting Butterflies of Deceased Souls….. look exactly the same, it is clear to see that it was all done by the hands of one single person.”

    Qing Bei carefully gauged the situation with all the Sting Butterflies of Deceased Souls covering over the entire boglands, and it was after a moment that he slowly started to say: “These are sword wounds. This person must be an expert with a sword, capable of incredible speed, killing with a single stroke. Moreover, you can see that the wounds are inflicted on the eaxact same spot on all the corpses, delivered with great precision. I would think that from the moment the Sting Butterflies of Deceased Souls noticed the intruder to the point of their deaths, it did not take longer than five breaths’ time. People as skillful as that, number not more than three throughout the lands.”

    After hearing his observations, the eyes the group of people looked at him with could not help but change.

    The man carrying him who had been fierce and hostile all this while did not berate him this time but asked him in surprise: “Kid, how did you know all this?”

    “I can see it with my own eyes!” Qing Bei said with an astute smile. “I was trying to ask you just now, whether all of you are looking for something as I might be able to help in some way! I can be quite useful you know?”

    Among those ten over people, a tall figure suddenly came forward, a man seemingly about twenty years of age with a pair of strikingly good looking eyes, but a horizontal scar running from one side of his forehead to right between his brows made him look fierce.

    He signalled to the burly man by lifting his chin slightly, indicating for the man to put Qing Bei down.

    His feet finally on firm ground, Qing Bei stretched his stiffened body a little, as it felt great to not be carried around like a gunny sack. He did not know who he was able to confine himself in a wheelchair in the past, pretending to be crippled for several long years, no longer wanting to experience the feeling of having his body’s movements restricted anymore.

    The young man with a scar across his face then curved up the corners of his lips in a smile, looking so gentle and harmless, but his voice was matured with a slight raspiness, completely different from his outlook, sounding like the voice of a man who had long undergone the grind through the vestiges of time. If just by hearing his voice, one would think that he was a middle aged man about forty to fifty years of age.

    “Our young brother here is quite knowledgeable indeed. As you are from the Faint Mist Sect itself, you should be more familiar with this place than we are.”

    The meaning of those words meant that he wanted him to lead the way for them. No matter whether there was any danger, he would now be the one testing the waters for them on the route ahead.