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Chapter 190.4 - Seeing the King of Assassins Again

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 190.4: Seeing the King of Assassins Again

    The rabbit was all covered in blood but it was not yet dead. It’s eyes were filled with terror and despair, staring in utter disbelief like it had never expected that it would fall into the paws of such a remarkable looking little ball of coal, which was most devastating and terrifying.

    Meatball dropped the rabbit just by Qing Yu’s side, its large eyes blinking like it was asking to be praised.

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh as she shook her head. “Why are you the same as that Unicorn? Both of you like eating rabbits just as much.”

    Meatball tilted its head to one side, and answered truthfully: “Actually, it isn’t that I like it very much, but it’s just because these floppy eared rabbits are easiest to catch, and Mother wants me to settle it quickly.”

    When the floppy eared rabbit that was on its last breaths heard the little ball of coal say it was easiest to catch, the rabbit almost died from indignant rage. [That tiny black ball is really such a bully!]

    [It has already been captured, must it still suffer such humiliation?]

    Qing Yu did not bother with the little beast anymore but went on to clean and prepare the rabbit. She stuffed some spices inside the meat and lit a fire under a rack to start roasting.

    The little beast’s face was filled with longing as it crouched there to watch the fat and succulent rabbit cook, excitement rising in its heart, like it had gone hungry for a very long time when it had actually just eaten quite a lot in Qing Yu’s dimensional space not too long ago.

    After having appeased the little beast, Qing Yu then lifted her eyes up to survey the surroundings. [How long had they walked in these woods for? Why have they not gotten through these trees yet? Is Meatball really reliable or not…..]

    [But, isn’t it said that these forbidden grounds are highly dangerous and filled with countless traps everywhere? Why has it been so quiet the entire way? Not only has there been no sign of danger anywhere, she had not seen a single spirit beast, the only single exception now cooking on the rack.]

    [Just what is happening here?]

    The meat over the fire was sizzling and crackling deliciously, roasting it had given it an aromatic golden juicy sheen. Qing Yu was a little distracted with her thoughts when the expression on her face suddenly changed as she raised her eyes to stare further up in front.

    The soft sound of footsteps were coming from that direction and was coming closer, the aura hard to read, a highly skilled unfathomable expert carrying the stench of blood so heavy like she had never smelled before.

    Meatball crinkled up its nose, the heavy stench of blood spoiling its mood in wanting to enjoy its delicious food. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to have such a keen sense of smell.

    “Mother…..” The little beast sounded out a warning.

    Qing Yu stroked its head reassuringly and said: “It’s alright. It’s probably just someone passing by and does not have any bad intentions.”

    Haha, passing by. The Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds is really quite a popular hotspot, attracting so many unwelcome guests.

    After a while, the owner of those footsteps finally came into view, dressed in a wide voluminous ink coloured cape, seemingly carrying something in one hand wrapped up in a brocade cloth.

    The person’s dressing made him look a little like a killer or an assassin except that the man’s face was clearly revealed to all. Isn’t he afraid that anyone would recognize him? Moreover, with that thing he carried in his hand, Qing Yu was rather certain that it belonged to these forbidden grounds.

    Qing Yu was calm and unruffled as she watched the man came walking in closer. But when she was able to get a clear view of the person’s familiar countenance, she was stunned in her spot.

    [Why….. It’s him?]