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Chapter 191.1 - This Killer Isn’t That Cold, And A Little Adorable

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 191.1: This Killer Isn’t That Cold, And A Little Adorable

    Ever since she came to this other world, Qing Yu had seen rather many types of men with outstanding looks. Lou Jun Yao and Bai Zhi Yan could be considered to be the leading ones, and even Feng Tian Hen whose body had been overtaken was incredibly handsome, fine as jade. As time went by, she became so accustomed to seeing beautiful men that it was now nothing extraordinary.

    So, rarely would she become stunned by a man the moment he appeared.

    But this person before her eyes, back when she saw him for the first time, Qing Yu had already been mesmerized by his countenance. And at that time, he was unconscious and had not opened his eyes at all. But even then, it was already astounding enough.

    His skin was fair but did not make him look weak, his ink black hair tied up with a single silver band. Under his long slanted brows reaching into his temples was a pair of beautiful eyes slanting upwards at the corners like a crimson phoenix’s. His nose bridge was high and straight, giving him a slightly callous look, his slightly thin lips tinged just a faint pink, that made him look a little unexpectedly adorable.

    Of course the most eye catching feature on this handsome face was just at the corner below his left eye, a fingernail sized black black blossom. Although the flower was tiny, but it was in such fine detail that the pattern on every single petal could almost be clearly seen.

    Back when they met for the first time, the flower had only blossomed slightly, but now it had bloomed completely, looking both beautiful and incredibly devilish, with a spot on vermillion red in the heart of the flower, like an eye that was actually watching you.

    Qing Yu could not help but be surprised by it. What species was that flower? She was actually unable to identify it.

    Probably because she had been staring directly straight at him, it was impossible for him to disregard it even if he wanted to. Xi Zhan Chen swung an indifferent gaze over in that direction, showing no emotion till he saw the roasting rabbit that was glistening with oil over the fire in front of the young lady, where his expression showed a brief moment of surprise.

    He had thought that the people who had gotten in his way previously had set up an ambush in this place, but looking at it again….. It didn’t really look like it.

    But to be able to be so laid back and relaxed in a place like this, she could not be any ordinary person.

    In order to not create any unnecessary trouble, Qing Yu chose to turn her eyes away, and did not look at him anymore.

    Xi Zhan Chen did not want to waste time as well. Since she was not an enemy, he was not going to strike at her, but just went on to walk slowly past with his eyes fixed in front.

    And just as the man was slowly walking past, from the package he carried in his hand, a drop of bright red liquid fell to the ground. The sound was almost inaudible, but Qing Yu still noticed it.

    [What….. is that thing inside?]

    Without giving him even a single moment to think, several shadows suddenly fleeted past through the air. Qing Yu then discovered something that wasn’t all that great.

    She seemed to have been seen as a companion of the man, finding herself being surrounded together with him.

    The shadows landed on the ground, and several black robed assassins blocked their way in front. The man standing in the lead then said in a grim voice: “Xi Zhan Chen, hand over the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus!”