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Chapter 191.2 - This Killer Isn’t That Cold, And A Little Adorable

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 191.2: This Killer Isn’t That Cold, And A Little Adorable

    The Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus, shaped like a human palm, its flower petals white, but its sap bright red like blood. Legend has it that it can resurrect a person, a divine herb that is able to remodel one’s soul, a flower that blooms only when the season is just about to turn to early spring, where it will present its truest form. At all other times, it is merely a most common white lotus, and is of no beneficial use in any way.

    Only one single Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus will mature every year as when it blooms, it will tyrannically suck away the essence of all other lotuses around into itself, to become the most outstanding overlord among all flower blooms.

    It was said that it grew in a place many feet deep underground, and was guarded by high level demon beasts, extremely difficult to get.

    In that package….. could it be the legendary Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus?

    The look in Qing Yu’s eyes changed slightly. [These people who have appeared within these forbidden grounds so suddenly are here because of it? And what was even more unbelievable is that the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus is in the Faint Mist Sect?]

    [What are these people’s intentions in getting their hands on the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus?]

    Faced with the malevolently murderous black robed assassins, Xi Zhan Chen merely curled up a corner of his lips in an almost imperceptible smirk, his voice soft and gently pleasing as he said: “You know me?”

    “Ha! The greatest divine grade assassin throughout the lands, who doesn’t know you? It is said that never had anyone ever lived at Xi Zhan Chen’s hands, so I would really like to find out myself, to see if you’re really as good as those rumours say.”

    The assassin leader’s words were laced with barbs, and his gaze suddenly turned to look at Qing Yu just a short distance away. The scorn on his face grew more intense and he said: “The greatest assassin is indeed different from others, even needing a beauty to accompany him when carrying out a mission. What a pity for this little beauty, as she will not be so lucky to live through today.”

    Qing Yu was at a loss for words. “….. ? !”

    [What does this mean?]

    [Are they going to start with her? ?]

    [She was keeping such a low presence here! Who has she offended? !]

    Huddled beside her, the tiny beast silently took a bite of the succulently roasted rabbit, and then mumbled almost unintelligibly with its mouth full: “Mother, they seem to have misunderstood. Are you going to explain it to them a little?”

    [Little one, you’re really so innocent. Who will believe you even if you tell them you’re not together in this affair?]

    [Moreover, this bunch of fellas look like they would rather kill off an innocent person rather than mistakenly let off an accomplice. Even though it’s true that they are not accomplices of Xi Zhan Chen, this bunch of assassins will definitely not be so benevolent to let them go.]

    Just as those thoughts were running through her mind, she suddenly heard Xi Zhan Chen open his mouth to say: “I am not acquainted with this person, and she does not have anything to do with this. Do not implicate people who are not involved.”

    Qing Yu could not help but be taken aback a moment. She had not thought that the king of dark nights, called the merciless reaper of souls in the rumours, was not exactly….. a person like she would have imagined.