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Chapter 191.3 - This Killer Isn’t That Cold, And A Little Adorable

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 191.3: This Killer Isn’t That Cold, And A Little Adorable

    She thought, even if he did not make any moves to kill her, he would definitely not bother about her at all. Never had she expected that he would open his mouth to try to absolve her of any involvement.

    Qing Yu’s lips curved up into a smile. [What an exceptional kind of assassin,]

    “Not acquainted? Then why are you speaking up for her? Hmm, so the greatest assassin throughout these lands is actually so benevolent and merciful. But regardless of whether you know each other or not, this woman will leave her life behind here today…..”

    The person who said that was another man standing on the left of the leader. He had a smug and arrogant look on him as the expression on his face froze for an instant behind his face veil. A thin line of blood appeared on his neck, as it turned into a tiny stream that flowed into his shirt collar, slowly dripping onto the soil, staining the ground red beneath his feet.

    The others standing close to him did not even have time to react, but just wondered why he was suddenly not doing anything, and before they could even reach a hand out to touch him, the man’s body had already fallen heavily to the ground with a crash.

    Blood sprayed out madly onto the ground under his body.

    That sudden turn of events caused the faces on the group of assassins to change immediately. [What is going on?]

    [Who was the one that made that move?]

    [It must be him!]

    The greatest assassin throughout the lands was not only nicknamed the soul reaper, it was rumoured that the speed of his sword was at a level that belonged to an entirely different realm. No one has ever seen his sword before, and that was how the fame of his quick blade came about, because the speed of his sword was matched by no other, where anyone who saw him wield his sword was already dead.

    No one lived before Xi Zhan Chen’s blade and that was no mere rumour.

    The reason all these people before him were still living was only because he was too lazy to make a move against them.

    “Xi Zhan Chan, you have better not carry things too far. I do not believe with so many of us here, that we’re unable to take you down!”

    When one of the assassins shouted out in rage, several figures charged forward to surround him. In Xi Zhan Chen’s eyes, these people were merely a bunch of insects, who could be dealt with in just one breath’s time.

    But without even waiting for him to make a single move, the bodies of the assassins suddenly started to twitch and spasm one after another, their hands clutched around their own necks as they ended their own lives.

    ? ?

    Not knowing how to react, Xi Zhan Chen was a little dumbfounded for once.

    But something seemed to dawn upon him the next moment when he turned to look at the young lady who had come to stand up from the ground. She dusted her palms and noticing that he was looking at her, she gave him a mischievous smile and said: “Villains usually die due to having talked too much.”

    Xi Zhan Chen almost smiled as he said to her: “It’s not safe here. You’d better leave quickly!”

    Upon saying that, he turned himself around and continued on his way.

    Qing Yu saw that and she went following behind him. The little ball of coal who had dealt with an entire roasted rabbit at an unthinkably incredulous speed also quickly hopped itself up onto Qing Yu’s shoulder.