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Chapter 191.4 - This Killer Isn’t That Cold, And A Little Adorable

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Xi Zhan Chen heard footsteps behind him but did not turn around, and merely just said in an emotionless voice: “You’d better not follow me. Careful as that might invite mortal disaster onto yourself.”

    “Just going the same way. I’m not following you.” Qing Yu replied.

    The man did not say anything else.

    Qing Yu quickened her steps to catch up and posed him a question. “Are you really Xi Zhan Chen, the soul reaper who had killed countless people?”

    “What, I don’t look like it?” Seeming to find her rather interesting, Xi Zhan Chen was not stingy with his words as he responded to her.

    “Mm. For a killer to be as kind as you, it must be rather tough isn’t it?” Qing Yu voiced out the thing puzzling her.

    “Kind?” Xi Zhan Chen arched up an eyebrow. That was a refreshing choice of words to describe him.

    “It is said that you do not harm the frail elderly and children, and rejects missions where there is too great a disparity in power, as that would make you look like you’re be bullying the weak, disliking one sided battles?”

    Hearing that, Xi Zhan Chen laughed softly and then said slowly: “I grew up in the poorest slums, the lowest rungs of society in these lands when I was very young. A gang of bandits then came to loot and plunder the place. As I was the youngest one there, it was the people living there who were seen by society to be lowly like common grass that gave up their own lives to enable me to live. Ever since then, that was the rule I set for myself.”

    No matter who, everyone had a soft spot deep in their hearts. For Xi Zhan Chen, it was this memory from when he was a young child, when his life was without worries. Although he did not have riches and honour, nor lavish clothes or fine food, that was when he was happiest without much of a care, contented with life.

    Now, he has more gold and silver than he can count, holds highly enviable powers and status, but he was unable to find the same feeling he felt when he was a young child.

    Qing Yu was a little surprised. Clearly, she had not thought that her innocuous attempt to get closer to the man, as she harboured designs on the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus the man was holding in his hand, would make the man tell her such things so frankly.

    Xi Zhan Chen narrowed his eyes as he shot her a glance. “Ha, I do not know why I am even telling a young lass that I have never known before all this. Have I met you before?”

    Qing Yu did not know what to say. [They have met indeed. But your mind was clouded and unclear at that time, so you couldn’t possibly be able to remember who you met back then…..]

    After having walked for a good while, seeing that Xi Zhan Chen did not say anything to try to chase her away, it seemed like he had silently consented to allowing Qing Yu to continue to follow him.

    But the thought in Qing Yu mind was telling herself that the reason this fella did not feel any aversion towards her was probably because of the Snake Tribe’s blood in his body. As the original form of the weapon spirit in her own body was the king of snakes, the Great Rhino Golden Python itself, that must be why he feels close to her!

    [Mm. that must be it. Otherwise, if he knew that she was doing this because she wanted to swipe the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus from his hands, he will probably end her life with a single stroke of his sword.]

    [As for that other fella Little Bei, he has always been quick witted and nimble minded, so nothing should happen to him for a good while. She has to think of a way to get her hands on the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus right before her eyes first…..]