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Chapter 192.1 - He’s So Simple That She Feels Rather Guilty

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     It has already been half a day since Qing Yu went missing and Mu Lai had always been highly concerned about her. After she came to know that she went to the forbidden grounds, she had flown to the Soul Cultivators department to throw a big fit.


    The Soul Cultivators Department’s classroom was so recklessly wrecked by the wilful demoness and someone could no longer endure it any longer but spoke up to say: “You’re being too much! We did not force her to go into the forbidden grounds but she went there on her own accord! You’re being so unreasonabl…..”

    The last syllable of the word “unreasonable had not even been spoken when Mu Lai’s face turned dark, the snake whip at her hip already lashing out with a whizz straight towards the person who spoke. The person quickly dodged but was still struck on the sleeve, the arm feeling a throbbing pain.

    Before he could even kick up a fuss, he saw the terrifyingly icy cold expression on the woman’s face as she came walking closer one step at a time, her voice without the slightest temperature as she said: “Do you think that no one knows about all the things you did? Let me tell you this now. If Qing Yu comes to any harm inside the forbidden grounds, it will not be enough for all of you even if you have ten lives!”

    “Who do you think you are? You think we’re to be intimidated by you! ?” Someone shouted indignantly.

    After joining the Faint Mist Sect, any background identity they possessed outside was no longer of much use in here, so most of the people were hiding their identities. Hence, Mu Lai’s identity as the Elixir Cultivators Clan’s young lord was naturally not known to anyone in the Faint Mist Sect.

    She was merely seen to be a greatly talented Elixir Cultivator who came from a common average family.

    Hearing those words, Mu Lai’s lips stiffened and she gazed at the person like she was looking at a dead person. “Whether all of you are intimidated or not does not matter. What matters is that I, Mu Lai have never been one prone to lies. Since you people are courting death, I would not mind helping the Faint Mist Sect to get rid of a few despicable scum, and consider it as doing a good deed.”

    “Mu Lai?” That person was a little stunned as he stood with his eyes wide. “You are the Lady Demoness of the Elixir Cultivators Clan Mu Lai! ?”

    [Could it really be so coincidental! ?]

    That woman whom it was said to possess stronger fighting prowess than many men, unparalleled skill in Medicine, a dual cultivator of Medicine and martial arts, her skills equally great in both areas of cultivation, known as the most outstanding talent of the Elixir Cultivators Clan.

    The most important point was that she was also the Elixir Cultivators Clan’s young lord. With such a vast and immense clan behind her, she was not someone anyone could afford to offend carelessly.

    Throughout the lands, the last person anyone should offend would be an Elixir Cultivator, as no one could possibly guarantee that they would never ever get injured or fall ill. At those times, good relations with Elixir Cultivators would be most useful to have.

    Even though there might be many more Elixir Cultivators than one could count in that profession, but they were all still greatly respected and revered by people.