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Chapter 192.2 - He’s So Simple That She Feels Rather Guilty

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 192.2: He’s So Simple That She Feels Rather Guilty

    The Mu Family was the Constellation Lands’ biggest Elixir Cultivator Family Clan and a great number of accomplished disciples from many different sects and clans who finished their training would go join the Mu Family Clan in order to earn a living. It could be said that as long as the Mu Family wished to, they could easily sever any Elixir Cultivators’ livelihood throughout the entire lands, the status and power they wield easy to see.

    And standing right before them, was the young lord who would in future come to hold the reins that controlled the entire Elixir Cultivators Clan, and they have actually offended her!

    Upon realizing that, everyone’s face drained of colour and immediately became quiet as a mouse.

    Till Ming Yi Yi and Ming Jing came in after hearing the commotion. Everyone then heaved a sigh of relief like they had just seen their saviour.

    The events that have happened were already made known to them. After being infuriated by the stupidity of these people in their Soul Cultivators Department, they were also feeling very guilty and anxious as well. Ming Yi Yi held Mu Lai’s arm and said comfortingly: “Mu Lai, don’t get so agitated yet. Qing Yu is so highly skilled and she’s so intelligent. She will definitely be fine.”

    The expression on Mu Lai’s face did not soften as she silently pulled her arm away. Her face was expressionless as she said: “I would naturally know that she is highly skilled. She has always presented herself to be so strong and it seems as if nothing will be able to defeat her. But she is afterall just a young fifteen year old lass and with all the many treacherous dangers in those forbidden grounds, how could she possibly be able to handle it all by herself! ?”

    She clearly knew that this matter had nothing to do with Ming Yi Yi and her elder brother, but they were still members of the Soul Cultivators Department, she was unable to get over herself at that very moment.

    After saying that, she did not remain there long but just turned around to walk out from there. Ming Yi Yi quickly went on to ask her: “Where are you going?”

    “I am going to see the Sect Leader, to ask him to open the way into the forbidden grounds for me. I am going in to save Qing Yu.”

    “The Sect Leader will never agree to that. The forbidden grounds have never once been opened for anyone for so many years, because it is so dangerous in there. You will not stand much of a chance in there yourself.” Ming Jing’s voice was indifferent as he said that.

    Mu Lai’s steps halted, and it almost sounded like she laughed scoffingly. “So what if he does not agree to it? I’ll just barge my way in there. No one had ever been able to stop me from what I want to do. Moreover, if anything happens to Qing Yu in the Faint Mist Sect, I wonder what kind of trouble might come to befall onto the Faint Mist Sect.”

    Not to mention how highly concerned one of the top pugilists of these lands, the Duke of Vast Seas was towards Qing Yu, there was also that unfathomably profound violet eyed man. Just his majestic demeanor alone told that he was definitely no ordinary man. Her initial guess about the man was that he was not from this realm.

    Which one between those two men was not an entity able to stir up a tempestuous storm with a single flip of their hand? To take down the Faint Mist Sect, would merely be a matter of lifting a single finger.

    So her actions would actually save the Faint Mist Sect. It would be good if they choose to cooperate. If they refuse, then there was nothing she could do about it.

    And the Lightning Blaze Unicorn that had been sent here into the Faint Mist Sect as a spy by Lou Jun Yao had immediately snuck his way into the forbidden grounds when he came to know that Qing Yu had gone in there. As a level twelve high grade spirit beast, that was already a highly dominant level in this low leveled lands, the other beasts scattering wherever he was, reigning high above all.