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Chapter 192.3 - He’s So Simple That She Feels Rather Guilty

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 192.3: He’s So Simple That She Feels Rather Guilty

    Needless to mention a single demon beast on the entire journey for Qing Yu and Xi Zhan Chen, they did not even see a single bird in the trees. She was still thinking it rather strange, not knowing that all the beasts have been sent running away to hide, from the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s commanding presence.

    “It’s rather strange that I actually encountered a whole wave of demon beasts when I came in here but there isn’t even a shadow of a single spirit beast around now.” Xi Zhan Chen curved up the ends of his lips to say, seemingly rather puzzled.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “When did you come in here?”

    “Three days ago.” Xi Zhan Chen replied.

    Qing Yu was a little bewildered. “Why have you remained in here for so long?”

    “The Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus only bloomed last night. I keep watch for two days in there, and only picked it after it fully matured this morning.” Xi Zhan Chen lifted the package in his hand as he said, like he was not guarding against her at all.

    Qing Yu’s eyes flashed with a glint. “Aren’t you an assassin? Why would you accept a mission like this?”

    “An assassin’s mission does not always require one to kill a person.” Xi Zhan Chen replied with a smile.

    The man was just too good looking and when his aura was restrained, it was impossible to tell that he was really an assassin at all. Moreover he did not give off the sharp and severe murderous aura like most assassins did, nor was his face frighteningly fiendish, but instead had a mesmerizing pair of eyes.

    “I heard that you rarely accept any missions, so I can’t help but wonder how much is the offered remuneration for your services this time.” Qing Yu asked with interest showing on her face. “Since the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus is so hard to get, the price would not come cheap.”

    But Xi Zhan Chen merely shook his head to reply: “I am just returning someone a favour this time, and am not on a mission.”

    Qing Yu curved up the corners of her lips and said with an eyebrow arched up: “Isn’t this too big a favour that you’re repaying this time? The Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus is ranked fourth on the chart for the rarest and most precious treasures and the commission being paid out in the market for anyone who is able to bring one back is at least a million, with an additional million if it’s brought back in perfect condition. But here you are with absolutely no benefit to yourself, and getting yourself pursued by groups of killers, and going without sleep for two days and two nights in order to pick the flower when it’s at its most perfect condition, even getting injured in the process. This transaction is disadvantageous to you no matter how you look at it, have you actually lost your mind?”

    The expression on Xi Zhan Chen’s face became rather surprised. “How did you know all this?”

    “I am an Elixir Cultivator, and I would naturally know a thing or two about rare herbs and its like.” Qing Yu went on to explain, as her gaze fell to look at the hand holding the package. “The petals of the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus are filled with fine barbs and you must have failed to notice that when you scraped your hand. Since it absorbed your blood, it would now be more beautiful looking and its medicinal effects have become even stronger.”

    “Why?” Xi Zhan Chen asked in incomprehension.

    “The Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus is a divine herb with miraculous effects. Because it is essentially a devilish flower, it innately has a thirst for blood. Very few people know this, but only when it has drunk fresh blood after it has fully bloomed, would it then become a true Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus. Inversely, without fresh blood, even if it has fully matured, its medicinal effects would not be as miraculous.”