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Chapter 192.4 - He’s So Simple That She Feels Rather Guilty

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 192.4: He’s So Simple That She Feels Rather Guilty

    “I see.” Xi Zhan Chan understood and then curled up the ends of his lips. “I had not thought that my blood would benefit this thing here.”

    However, Qing Yu shook her head and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. “That thing is demonic and it sucked your blood. Do you feel that there’s anything wrong with your body?”

    “No.” Xi Zhan Chen answered.

    “…..” [Unique bloodline indeed. And that is why he is completely unaffected?]

    Qing Yu was speechless for a moment. She considered the situation and then went on to say: “Be a little more careful even if you feel fine. The Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus is poisonous and as you touched it, the effects might manifest later after some time though you do not feel anything now.”

    Xi Zhan Chen stared in bewilderment at the white porcelain bottle that had been forcibly stuffed in his hand, unable to react for a moment.

    “To be ingested, once a day. It will prevent any sudden symptoms of poisoning.”

    His eyes did not turn away from the tiny delicate little bottle for a long while, and a glint flashed very fleetingly in his eyes for a very brief moment. His beautiful crimson phoenix eyes then filled with a gentle smile and his voice was clear and soothing as he spoke, like the slow trickling of a stream, very comforting to hear.

    “Thank you. This is the first time someone is being so concerned about me.”

    The pair of eyes looked at her with a tinge of earnestness in them, and Qing Yu was suddenly feeling a little guilty when her eyes met his.

    She was merely trying to get a little closer to him, so that he would let down his guard against her, that will then allow her to succeed in swiping the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus right out of his hands!

    [What’s this about care and concern? It is all merely part of a sneaky scheme, do you have to take it so seriously…..]

    That would only make her feel even more guilty.

    [And how could a divine and godly level assassin, have a personality that was so….. Innocently naive! ?]

    She immediately felt as if she was committing a most evil and nefarious travesty.

    [But the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus, was something that she must get her hands on no matter what. To piece her mother’s fragmented soul back together, she needs this herb, the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus. So, by whatever means possible, it wouldn’t matter even if she has to pull a little trick.]

    [She was the one who saved this fella’s life anyway, and she had not received a single cent in repayment. So….. she is merely taking one single herb from him, which is more than a bargain for him. Mm. That’s absolutely right.]

    Qing Yu then felt the little bit of guilt she was feeling suddenly dissolve into nothing.

    [Tsk tsk tsk. The greatest assassin is indeed different from others, always a beautiful lady accompanying him. But the lady this time is a different one and is even more beautiful than the previous one. What great luck with women you have…..”

    As the evil and malevolent voice rang out, several people had suddenly appeared in front of them without a sound. One of them was a towering burly brute, his eyes measuring Qing Yu head to toe with fiery fervour, like he was gauging up a succulent and fatty piece of meat.

    Qing Yu’s lips stiffened up and before she had even said a word, the man beside her shifted his body slightly, innocuously blocking her from the people who had appeared so suddenly.