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Chapter 193.1 - Was He Flirting With Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 193.1: Was He Flirting With Her

    Qing Yu’s eyes flashed with a glint, seemingly a little moved by the gesture.

    Xi Zhan Chen looked at the towering man expressionlessly, his voice tinged with a barely perceptible sliver of murder. “Keep that gaze of yours away.”

    The man tilted his head back and laughed highly arrogantly, and he turned his eyes to fix upon the attractive figure of the young lady with an exquisitely beautiful face, even going on to boorishly lick his lips with his tongue, his face lascivious like he would like nothing more than to rip off all her clothes.

    “Xi Zhan Chen, if you know what’s good for you, then leave that thing you are carrying in your hand and the woman behind. We can make this very easy for you.” The man’s tone was arrogant, like he really thought nothing of this man who was the subject of legends.

    The corners of Xi Zhan Chen’s lips curled up, a highly dazzling arc. He had never been seen to smile like that, but even though that was the case, the grave and sinister aura surrounding his body did not reduce in the slightest, sending chills to run up one’s spine unconsciously.

    The oppressive aura of a divine grade assassin was not something that anyone was able to resist against.

    The mirth on the face of the man who had been so arrogant a moment ago suddenly stiffened up, and he then let out a pitiful cry as he clamped his hands right over his eyes, where bright red blood began to flow out through the gaps between his fingers.

    And right at his feet, rolled two grisly highly bloodied eyeballs on the ground, covered in a layer of dust and soil.

    “ARRRGH~ Xi Zhan Chen! I am going to have your life for this!”

    The excruciating pain from having lost his eyes threw the man into a maniacal frenzy, the blood flowing incessantly down his face, his eye sockets just two black holes, a frightening sight to behold.

    The expression on Xi Zhan Chen’s face was unaffected. “I did warn you to keep your eyes away.”

    Qing Yu was completely blocked by the man’s tall figure right in front of her, and the towering man really was not able to see all that much of the young lady anymore, but that nauseating gaze of his had made Xi Zhan Chen very uncomfortable.

    And once he was discomfited, he would naturally make the offender see blood, or rather not see anything in this case.

    His actions here was clearly taunting, and when all the other men saw their comrade suffered such a grievous injury, rage flared up from within. “Xi Zhan Chen! You’ve gone too far and we will make you pay for it with your life here today!”

    These few people were all highly vicious and merciless felons, and they were here seeking the high commission offered for the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus, people who did not fear death. To be able to hold their own in these lands for so many years, they were naturally people of some ability. Compared to the bunch of assassins who appeared previously, these men were prepared to lay down their lives for what they sought, and would be a troublesome group.

    They did not believe that the man before their eyes would be as profound and unfathomable as the legends say he was, thinking they were just merely exaggerated rumours, so they were feeling a lot more confident than they should.