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Chapter 193.2 - Was He Flirting With Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 193.2: Was He Flirting With Her

    On the outside, Xi Zhan Chen merely looked to be a more beautiful version of another regular weak scholarly man, who did not carry the sharp and severe demeanor that one would be able to see in a merciless assassin with just one look, nor did he have a malevolent and villainous looking face.

    Such a highly deceiving looking face, was however usually the first reason men like them would end up losing their lives.

    Before them, the bodies of the burly looking men who looked incredibly strong then started to change, their movements in unison, like they were executing the same martial arts form, imbued with thunderous force, unstoppable in its power.

    An enormous fist took form high up in the sky, and if it were to smash down, not to mention a human being, it would even smash a hole through hard steel.

    Qing Yu looked up at the fist overhead, an eyebrow rising up with interest. “I had not thought that these guys would actually possess some abilities. But their martial arts technique only has form but no soul. That weakens its power by a whole lot!”

    “You’re well versed in martial arts as well?” Xi Zhan Chen asked, looking at the young lady with a smile.

    Qing Yu tilted her head back coyly. “I know a little.”

    The man’s eyes were gentle as he said: “Do you want to see the sword I have?”

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes. “Can I?”

    Xi Zhan Chen, the greatest assassin of legend was the fastest sword under the Heavens. Against his enemies, they would not even able to see the shadow of his sword before they came to breathe their last.

    Hence, it was known to be one of the most mysterious weapons throughout the lands.

    The gigantic fist filled with immense dangerous hung threateningly close, but the two of them were still chatting there like there was no one else around. Just as the group of men intensified their powers to send the massive fist crashing down, they suddenly heard the soft whistling sound of wind right by their ears.

    [Sound of the wind?]

    [No! That’s not the wind, it’s the Qi from a sword!]

    But it was already too late by the time they came to react. The rock solid fist form in the air suddenly looked like it was torn to shreds by a ferocious beasts, turning into mist as it dissipated into the air.

    The tongue tied men stared with wide eyed astoundment, and a line of blood then came to appear running right down the middle of their forehead to their chin, before their bodies crumpled to the ground, all of them dead and unmoving.

    Qing Yu’s eyes blinked in surprise, and then blinked again, unable to believe her own eyes.

    [She….. She had not seen how Xi Zhan Chen made his move at all! !]

    [What kind of a freak is this man! ? His powers are just too Heaven defying! !]

    [The name as the fastest sword throughout the lands was truly justified and well deserved! !]

    Seeing the myriad changes in the expressions she showed on her face, Xi Zhan Chen could not help but laugh softly. He then stretched out a long slender arm and a jet black long sword with mysterious and intricate carvings suddenly appeared in his hand.

    At the top of the sword’s hilt, was the head of a snake spitting its forked tongue, its lifelike eyes two shiny black obsidian stones, looking almost like it was alive.