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Chapter 193.3 - Was He Flirting With Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The man then stretched his thumb out to push the sword’s hilt up a little. The instant the sword came out from its sheath, a sharp icy glint flashed out, stirring up the hair on Qing Yu’s shoulder to flutter slightly.

    Qing Yu’s eyes lit up, and she could not help but exclaim in praise: “Truly a great sword!”

    Xi Zhan Chen smiled and pushed the sword back into its sheath before he said: “This sword’s name is called Evil’s Dazzle, a demonic sword from a highly ancient period that took an almighty entity three hundred years to craft with power from the Dark Abyss, after devouring tens of thousands of living souls.”

    Qing Yu could not help but knit her brows together. “An evil sword? Why then are you…..”

    All weapons and artifacts that could be termed as an evil artifact would have its own spirit. If one was unable to truly control the artifact spirit, the person’s body would come to suffer grievous harm, his life essence sucked away by the evil spirit, till he dies completely drained out.

    Xi Zhan Chen saw the puzzlement on her face and he brought the Evil’s Dazzle closer to her. “Do you want to touch it?”

    “I can?” Qing Yu became even more surprised.

    Once a spiritual artifact’s attains a spirit, it does not allow anyone to violate it easily. Besides its owner, no one else can touch it.

    [And this person….. is letting her touch his weapon?]

    Seeing Qing Yu hesitate, Xi Zhan Chen went on to put Evil’s Dazzle straight into her hand. She almost wanted to toss the sword out of her hands by reflex but she came to discover there she was feeling perfectly fine.

    Xi Zhan Chen laughed, and then explained to her: “You only need to completely tame it, and it will do what you want it to do.”

    “You can completely tame an artifact spirit?” Qing Yu asked disbelievingly.

    One will know just by seeing how her own weapon spirit had run away from home. If one sought to have such proud beings like them to submit themselves completely to a human, that would only be possible if it was done through a master servant contract, placing them at an absolute disadvantageous position.

    “You only need to beat them til they submit obediently.” Xi Zhan Chen said nonchalantly. “When it first came to attain its spirit, it audaciously sought to take over my body by hiding itself inside, but was discovered in the end. I bashed it up till its spirit almost scattered and dissipated. Ever since then, it has been completely docile and obedient.”

    [That entire process, was believed that it would have been too brutal to see. She was really still too gentle.]

    “You must be a disciple of the Faint Mist Sect right? It is said that these are forbidden grounds and disciples would be punished for trespassing in here.” Xi Zhan Chen suddenly looked like he remembered something and he opened his mouth to say after a long while.

    Speaking about that, Qing Yu’s brows creased up and she let out a low curse: “Damn it, I almost forgot all about Little Bei.”

    Seeing her look a little perplexed, Xi Zhan Chen subconsciously asked with concern: “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s all because of the Three Great Sects’ Friendship Meet. My younger brother managed to get a spot as a participant which made people jealous, so they used despicable means to try to force him to give up his spot, and I do not know which corner of this place he is in now.” Qing Yu said helplessly as she covered her forehand with her hand.

    Hearing that, Xi Zhan Chen’s lips curved up in a smile. “I had thought how great the Faint Mist Sect really was, said to be paradise on earth, like an immortals’ realm. So they are just a bunch of shallow fame seeking miscreants.”