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Chapter 193.4 - Was He Flirting With Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 193.4: Was He Flirting With Her

    “Don’t fret. I’ll look for him with you.” Xi Zhan Chen said as he patted her reassuringly on the shoulder.

    He could have just leave the place after getting the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus and Feng Qi was waiting outside with the others for him, but he had unexpectedly met this young lady.

    He was thinking that he might have been poisoned in some way. To think that he….. did not really want to leave so quickly, or rather, he didn’t want to be unable to see her.

    In the place where his heart was, he felt a kind of stirring that he had never felt before. He really felt as if he had met her somewhere before, so he was not guarded against the young lady, but was instead highly trusting.

    If Feng Qi and the others knew, that he would one day have emotions rise up in him like this, they would all definitely think that he had been possessed.


    “Hmph! Really wonder what kind of a prestigious background that Qing Yu holds, where even the Sect Leader himself would think that she is so important that he made everyone come in here with such great fanfare just to look for her? Is it just because she is a prodigious all element wielder?”

    “Stop complaining already. The Sect Leader ordered that she must be found before nightfall today.”

    The young lady with great hearing accidentally heard the debating voices up ahead and her eyes flashed with a glint. She then said to the man beside her: “Let’s go. We’ll avoid those people first.”

    “They seem to be looking for you. Aren’t you going out to meet them?” Xi Zhan Chen asked in surprise.

    “Ha! These forbidden grounds are not easy to traverse, and I would not want to be moving together with them as they would just drag me down by having to save them.” Qing Yu answered, her face expressionless.

    After seeing what those scoundrels in the Soul Cultivators Department did, she no longer had such a good impression of the Faint Mist Sect as a whole.

    Once she had gathered all her mother’s soul fragments, she would not continue to remain in this place with such a toxic atmosphere.

    Seeing her cold and unfeeling little face, Xi Zhan Chen could not help but laugh. “Your character is really rather…..”

    “Coldhearted?” Qing Yu queried with a sidelong glance directed towards the man.

    The man however went on to shake his head, his voice gentle as he replied: “Adorable.”

    “…..” [Why does she feel like he is flirting with her?]

    Curled up tightly in a tiny coal coloured ball and trying to diminish its presence to the lowest, the tiny ball of coal secretly nudged Qing Yu’s arm lightly, silently indicating that the man was indeed flirting with Mother, and that she must not be deceived by his looks. [Meatball already has a father and you must not explore the birds and the bees behind Father’s back!]

    Meatball was able to directly communicate with Qing Yu’s spirit consciousness and after she heard what the little ball of coal said, Qing Yu was stunned for a moment before she asked in bewilderment. “When did you come to have a father?”

    “Doesn’t Mother remember? You previously pushed Father down on the bed and even kissed him. How can you be so irresponsible! ?” Meatball’s mushy sounding voice rose up in complaint.

    [Damn it. Is this little furball talking about Lou Jun Yao?

    [That was just one big misunderstanding alright? And she can explain it all…..]