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Chapter 194.1 - When It Rains, It’s a Torrential Downpour

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 194.1: When It Rains, It’s a Torrential Downpour

    There was only one day left to the Three Great Sects’ Friendship Meet and the sun was already hanging low over the western horizon with nightfall imminent.

    Everyone who had been searching in the forbidden grounds for the entire day were gathered together to reorganize themselves.

    “Where do you think that lass could possibly be? How could we possibly not have found a single trace of her?” Su Li Mo was leaning back against a tree, his handsome looking face grave.

    Luo Lan Zhi narrowed his eyes and then said in a soft voice: “Did you notice that many unfamiliar auras have appeared within these forbidden grounds?”

    The expression on Su Li Mo’s face looked a little startled and he then recollected himself. “Are you saying that someone has broken his way in? That is not possible. You should know very well how freakishly strong those three fellas guarding the place are. Just one of them alone will be a headache enough for anyone, not to mention the three of them joining forces, even our Chief might not be able to do anything about it. How could anyone possibly be able to shake them off and sneak their way in?”

    “There is a possibility for any situation and not just that, the demonic air in these forbidden grounds has become more savage.” Luo Lan Zhi gazed thoughtfully into the distance ahead and then said: “I fear that the secret kept in these forbidden grounds will not remain hidden much longer.”

    On the other side of the grounds, Qing Bei and the cohort of people encountered all sorts of danger but they managed to get out from them unscathed. After Qing Bei helped them escape danger several times, that group of people have come to trust him very much.

    Because Qing Bei had been able to predict the dangers before they happened, such an amazing ability must be fully utilized. The scar faced leader of the group then said to Qing Bei: “Little Brother, are you able to foresee who the person that took the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus is?”

    Having come such a long way with these people, Qing Bei had naturally known their objective. They had come here to snatch a particular precious treasure from these forbidden grounds.

    The Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus had the miraculous ability to revive the dead and reconverge one’s soul. Coincidentally, it happened that the precious bloom was supposed to mature in these couple of days and it was not known how people came to know that the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus was hidden here in the Faint Mist Sect. Once the news leaked out, it drew many covetous eyes to the place.

    It was said that some high entity had offered a high reward in gold, that if anyone was able to deliver the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus in a pristine condition before him, he would give that person ten million even though the market offered rate was merely two million.

    At such a sky high price, how could people not be enticed? Especially people of the tumultuous pugilist world who lived by the edge of their sword in constant strife, where they would need money the most, all started coming here in droves.

    And this group of people, was just one among many.

    Hearing that, an image then suddenly flashed in Qing Bei’s mind, which caused his eyes to flare wide.

    [It’s Qing Yu…..]

    [Why has she come in here as well?]

    [She must have come to look for him after discovering that he had gone missing, and that is why she is here.]

    [But this place is really just too dangerous.]