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Chapter 194.2 - When It Rains, It’s a Torrential Downpour

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 194.2: When It Rains, It’s a Torrential Downpour

    Even though he was unable to describe that feeling, but throughout the journey, he just had this feeling of unease, where in here….. There was something really terrifying.

    This will not do. He must quickly find Qing Yu. Although she is highly skilled and hold quite a few trump cards, she is however unable to foresee the danger in here. He can only feel at ease when he is together with her.

    He only had Qing Yu now, who has always been protecting him. But now, he has to also at least try to protect her with whatever weak powers he has.

    And right at that moment, in a certain place within the forbidden grounds, something had spawned and was spreading soundlessly, stirring malevolently, seeming like it was about to break free from its shackles inside the deep abyss.

    — White Fen Lands —

    In the Feng Family.

    “Young Master, an esteemed guest came to visit and the Family Head has requested for your presence.” Soft knocking was heard from outside the door, and a servant’s voice rang out respectfully.

    “Young Master? Are you in there Young Master?”

    There was no response from inside and the person outside the door hesitated for a moment before he reached his hand out slowly, thinking to push the door open. But before he could even touch the door, an ink black shadow suddenly struck him on his arm, and he felt an agonizing pain like his arm had been torn off by a ferocious beast.

    The servant’s face turned pale and he fell to the ground in agony. It was probably much too painful for him to even cry out.

    “Still not going to get lost?”

    What sounded next was a man’s low enchanting voice. “I’ve said that I do not like anyone coming into my room and if you’re deaf, I can help clean out your ears for you next time.”

    [Heh, what about washing them out with blood?]

    All colour drained out from the servant’s face and he kowtowed his head soundly hard on the ground as he said: “Your lowly servant knows his mistake already. I beg for the Young Master to….. forgive me”

    It was said that the Feng Family’s Second Young Master was weak and timid, highly mediocre and incompetent. But who would have known that after the Young Master fell off a horse in an accident a few years ago, he had completely changed as a person.

    Hidden beneath his genteel and refined looks, was actually cruelty and bloodthirstiness, where no one in the Feng Family dared to go against him. Even the First Young Master was now completely deferential to the Second Young Master and he became highly valued by the Family Head.

    Anyone who offended him have never come to a good end where dying without their body intact would be considered a light punishment.

    But today, it seemed like he was in a rather good mood. The servant trembled in fear for a while and then heard the man open his mouth to say: “Scram. I will be there in awhile.”

    [Has he….. been spared?]

    The servant felt as if he had cheated death and he went on to strike his head hard on the ground a couple more times in kowtow before saying: “Thank you Second Young Master. Your servant shall take his leave.”

    He then quickly departed from the courtyard that no one wanted to ask about in a hurried haste.

    The most terrifying task in the Feng Family was to go deliver messages to the Second Master’s place, as the slightest misstep could easily cost them their lives.

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