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Chapter 194.3 - When It Rains, It’s a Torrential Downpour

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 194.3: When It Rains, It’s a Torrential Downpour

    In the room, behind heavy layers of curtains, the tall and slender figure of a man could be faintly seen lounging back on the bed, wearing only a thin white inner robe that hung loosely on his body which came to reveal a strong muscular chest, devastatingly beautiful.

    Upon that gracefully handsome and soul stirringly good looking countenance, a gorgeous arc slowly rose, the light of a million sparkling stars filling up his radiantly brilliant eyes.

    “Qing Qing, you are also springing such surprises on me. To think that you will turn up there in that place.”

    The man laughed softly, the expression on his face doting and tender. “But I firmly believe that you will walk out from that alive. Afterall, you are the girl destined for me. Only you who holds such power can stand by my side, to truly become….. my woman.”


    “What’s wrong?” Xi Zhan Chen looked at the young lady whose steps had suddenly halted and asked in puzzlement.

    It was for just an instant that Qing Yu felt a sense of hair raising terror.

    Her heart had stopped for that one instant, and it had felt so oppressive she found herself unable to breathe.

    And where had that feeling come from out of the blue? She really did not have the slightest idea. If only Little Bei was around, maybe he would be able to provide some clues.

    “Qing Yu?”

    Seeing her not saying a word and in a daze, Xi Zhan Chen could not help but call out to her one more time.

    It was only then that Qing Yu managed to come back to her senses and turned around to look at him to ask in a soft voice: “Did you feel that?”

    “What?” Xi Zhan Chen was confused.

    Qing Yu did not say anything. [Since he did not feel anything, it looks like that feeling was directed only at her alone.]

    “Xi Zhan Chen, do you know the way out?”

    “Yes, I do. But aren’t you trying to find a person?” Xi Zhan Chen thought that she wanted to leave the place, and could not help feeling surprised.

    Qing Yu nodded and replied: “I am trying to find my younger brother, but I do not want to trouble you too much, so maybe you should leave first. I’ll be fine on my own.”

    Xi Zhan Chen knitted his brows. “I do not find it to be any trouble. Moreover, it is not safe for you alone.”

    “Don’t you have to bring the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus out from here? You spent a few days waiting for it to mature and bloom, and I would think that it’s something very important…..”

    “I’m in no hurry.” Xi Zhan Chen went on to interrupt her words. He narrowed his eyes and then said: “What’s wrong? You’re acting a little strange.”

    [She had suddenly stopped and seemed to realize something. But why….. does she not want to tell him and is now telling him to leave?]

    Qing Yu was feeling a little helpless. [This fella is being quite stubborn and it looks like he has decided that he’s not leaving. The key thing here is what reason can she give to make him leave?]

    Although she really was really rather keen on getting her hands on that Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus, she did not want to drag the innocent into this. The man might be an assassin, but he was an exceptionally kind one, all the more reason he should not end up being buried in this place.