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Chapter 195.1 - Don’t be Afraid, It’s Alright Now

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     [The Lord….. seems to be a little much too concerned about that young lady.]

    As the Lord of the Dark Lands, the king of a region in Cloud Heaven, that was not something great for a man like him.

    The azure blue sky that had been free of clouds as far as the sky could see suddenly saw a hurricane stir, and thick roiling clouds dark as ink suddenly gathered and formed, ae an oppressively dark and suffocating air descended.


    The pale faced young lady suddenly vomited out a mouthful of blood.


    Meatball quickly came scuttling out from within Qing Yu’s sleeve and could no longer be bothered to hide the secret that it was actually capable of human speech as it looked at Qing Yi worriedly. “What’s wrong Mother? Where are you hurt?”

    Xi Zhan Chen held up the young lady who had nearly fallen to the ground with one arm and asked with furrowed brows. “What happened?”

    He was feeling perfectly fine here but the young lady had suddenly looked like she suffered a severe hit, her face drained of all colour.

    Qing Yu knitted her brows and with a grunt, she slowly pushed her own body up to stand up, disbelief in her eyes as she looked at the thickening mass secretly congealing. How could this thing appear here…..

    That was the very bane of her purest bloodline, a dark zombie that was an accumulated mass of boundless devilry, a creature of the greatest evil.

    To think that the place that was like an immortal’s paradise in the Faint Mist Sect would have such an evil being within.

    Looks like she would lose her life here today, as the food the dark zombie loved to eat the most were live humans who possessed the purest bloodline.

    With a deathly pale face that was without the slightest shade of blood, Qing Yu gripped the man’s arm tightly and said, pausing at every word: “Xi Zhan Chen, leave at once.”

    Although the dark zombie would not cause all that much harm to him, but this was afterall a creature of evil, so remaining in contact for too long with it might harm one’s body in some way or another.

    But how could Xi Zhan Chen possibly come to abandon her in that situation? They might have just come to know each other for less than one day, but affinity works in such strange and mysterious ways as this young lady moved his heart somehow.

    Which made it impossible for him to leave her behind without doing anything about it.

    Though the enemy seemed like it would be rather troublesome to deal with, but the instant he saw her vomit out blood, Xi Zhan Chen immediately felt murder rise up inside his chest.

    [That thing there has injured her.]

    The man slowly raised the sword in his hand. The moment Evil’s Dazzle was unsheathed, the swirling dark clouds in the sky grew more turbulent. The powerful sword’s aura condensed together to assume physical form, hurling thousands of ferocious sword slashes that shot at lightning speed straight towards the ever transforming mist.

    If that was just any regular creature, it would definitely be shredded till there was no bones left, its soul scattered into the wind.

    But this was the dark zombie, the most evil of beings, where any regular attacks would not have any effect on it.

    And after the sword aura slashes sliced into it, the black misty mass actually expanded in size, and Xi Zhan Chen fell back a couple of steps, his aura becoming a little unsteady.