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Chapter 195.2 - Don’t be Afraid, It’s Alright Now

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 195.2: Don’t be Afraid, It’s Alright Now

    That thing, had actually devoured his power slashes!

    “The Evil’s Dazzle is a sword of evil, so its powers would only provide nourishment to that evil creature. Don’t waste any more of your strength.” Qing Yu’s voice was a little weak as she told him that.

    Xi Zhan Chen’s face turned grave. “Is there no way to fight it?”

    Qing Yu shook her head with a bitter smile. “The dark zombie does not possess its own consciousness and is not any kind of living being, but something out of this world. There is no way of going against it and it is unstoppable.”

    She had not thought that the thing she had never once encountered throughout her twenty over years in her previous life would appear before her in this life after being reborn.

    But wanting to her to give up just like that was never her style of doing things. Even if she had to die, she would destroy this thing as well!

    Qing Yu lifted a hand to wipe at the blood from the corner of her mouth, before her hands then formed an elaborate seal before her chest to summon a spell. Her sharp nails gouged into her palms and the bright red blood filled up the seal mark suspended in the air before her, flowing within the intricate swirls, beautiful and mesmerizing.

    “Qing Yu, what are you doing?” Xi Zhan Chen could sense that after she conducted the ritual, her aura had further weakened by a considerable amount.

    “The dark zombie had appeared purely because of my purest bloodline. Only by eating me up, would it then stop. Otherwise, it would just go on to devour all living things here in the forbidden grounds. Neither of these two results are desirable to me and I have no choice but to fight it with everything I’ve got.”

    The smile on Qing Yu’s face looked a little forced, and the only thing she could do was to pray that Lou Jun Yao has a way of dealing with it.

    Xi Zhan Chen walked over closer to her and opened his mouth to ask. “Can I help?”

    Qing Yu shook her head once again. “This is something you are really not able to help me with. I asked you to leave just now and you refused. Don’t you regret that now?”

    Xi Zhan Chen knew that she was saying that only to make him feel better, and the tense expression on his face did not let up in the slightest.

    The mist engulfed by darkness was slowly coming to reveal it real form as time passed.

    It was an enormous being that was a good ten feet tall, its body a humanoid shape, but its head was one of a malevolent wild beast.

    The was the dark zombie’s true form. It was originally just a mass of evil aura that existed in chaos, and changed and evolved over thousands of millenniums, to reach such a level of attainment, and have become the incredibly powerful dark zombie.

    It cannot speak, but just an instinctive awareness, its scarlet red eyes looking down longingly at the human who possessed the sweetest and most delectable blood, and it just could not help wanting to swallow her right up.

    The corners of Qing Yu’s lips curled up with a sliver of cold scorn. She stretched her hand out to gather the seal at the highest point above her head. Before the clumsy dark zombie could even react, she smacked the seal right onto the dark zombie’s humanoid chest. The very next second, a loud blast was heard, which blew out quite a significant sized hole in its chest.

    Thick black liquid then came gurgling out from the wound.

    The bright red blood that formed the seal immediately caused the dark zombie body to quickly fester and rot where the blood touched.