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Chapter 195.4 - Don’t be Afraid, It’s Alright Now

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 195.4: Don’t be Afraid, It’s Alright Now

    “Xi Zhan Chen! Let go this instant!” Qing Yu had not thought that the man would actually do something so dangerous and she went on to stare at him with her beautiful eyes as she hollered at him. “This will not hold out much longer. Let go of me now!”

    “I will not let go of you. I have already released a signal and we’ll only have to last till my people arrive. We still have a sliver of a chance of surviving this.” Xi Zhan Chen said as he tightened his grip on her arm, holding her like an iron clamp.

    The dark zombie’s strength was not something the two of them were able to resist against, and Qing Yu knew that if the situation continued on like this, they would be able to last for about another half an hour at most, which would just drain their strength and they might even possibly die.

    About this man who was known to be the only divine grade assassin throughout these lands, the only thing she knew was only through what she heard through rumours, and she had never known that he could be someone that was so kind and a man of high integrity when they have yet to have known each other even for a full day.

    The sky was starting to turn dark and once night descended fully, the dark zombie’s powers would be at its strongest, and it would be impossible to defeat it then.

    Her body was already being inextricably pulled towards the dark zombie but her arm was still tightly held in a tight grip.

    Qing Yu narrowed her eyes and slowly raised her other hand. But the man saw through her intentions and he went on to say: “If you are really going to do that, then I will just release my hands right now!”

    Qing Yu really wanted to cry. [Why is this person being so obstinate? Does he want to die together with her so much?]

    “Xi Zhan Chen, have you forgotten that you still have the Assassins Temple under your charge? Do you still remember that you’re one of the mainstays of the Carefree Valley? If you die, are you going to abandon the people there? Do you not care about them anymore?” Qing Yu asked helplessly.

    People of the world only know that Xi Zhan Chen was the greatest assassin throughout the lands but his identity was a well hidden secret and was only known internally by people inside the Carefree Department. So how….. did she know that?

    “I am actually a spy sent by the Faint Mist Sect to be hidden within the Carefree Valley, so you do not have to sacrifice your own life to save me. It’s not worth it.” Her acting was great and it was highly realistic, but Xi Zhan Chen still did not let go of her hand.

    Looking into her eyes, he said pausing between every word: “No matter what you say now, I will not let go of you.”

    The bloom just below the corner of his left eye seemed to flash faintly and the dark zombie was then heard letting out a maniacal roar, before it spewed out a mouthful of black mist right towards Xi Zhan Chen.

    Once that black mist touched anyone, in the best scenario, they would turn into a zombie monster, or have their bodies disintegrate into nothing if things turn out worse.

    [Is the man crazy! ? What is he trying to do? !]

    Qing Yu clenched her teeth tightly together, her mind suddenly awhirl with thoughts. [Any normal person touched by that black mist would have no chance of survival at all, but if it’s her, there might still be a sliver of hope if she’s lucky.]

    With that thought in mind, Qing Yu had already turned herself around, her back moving to block that ball of black mist completely.


    It hurt so much, like her entire back was rotting off, and it was the first time she felt such excruciating pain.

    “Qing Yu!”

    As her consciousness was becoming muddled and blurry, she seemed to see a familiar figure carrying her up, the low magnetic voice highly comforting. “Don’t be afraid, it’s alright now.”

    And her eyes slowly closed.