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Chapter 196.1 - Close Your Eyes. Don’t Look At What You’re Not Supposed to See

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 196.1: Close Your Eyes. Don’t Look At What You’re Not Supposed to See

    Bai Zhi Yan was immediately summoned back from Cloud Heaven with a secret order by Lou Jun Yao.

    Without even needing to guess, he was certain that something had happened to a certain lass, and that was why that fella was being so frantic.

    Several people stood outside the tightly shut door of the room. An anxious faced Qing Bei, a cold and solemn Mu Lai, and Xi Zhan Chen whose body was exuding a frighteningly low and oppressive aura.

    “Ah Zhan, what actually happened in there? Why were you in there for so long? And what was that explosion all about?” Feng Qi and the others who had recognized the signal and had rushed their way in could not help but asked worriedly when they saw the pale faced man who looked to be in a rather wretched state.

    [Could he have encountered some kind of danger in there?]

    [But with Ah Zhan’s skills, he should have been able to deal with it.]

    “Did you manage to get the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus?” Seeing that he was not saying anything, Feng Qi continued to ask.

    But the man still did not utter a single word.

    Feng Qi’s brows knitted up, and was just about to ask something again when his eyes unconsciously caught sight of Mu Lai who was leaning against the wall at the side. He was immediately surprised and he went on to say: “Young Miss Mu, you’re here as well?”

    Mu Lai’s mind had been thinking only about Qing Yu’s injury inside the room and had not noticed the other group of men. When she heard someone calling out to her, she then realized that the leader of the Assassins Temple, the top assassin Xi Zhan Chen that Qing Yu and her had previously saved was standing among the group of men.

    Mu Lai nodded her head slightly in greeting. “Long time no see.”

    Feng Qi then said with a smile: “It’s been a good half year since we last met. Has Young Miss Mu come to join the Faint Mist Sect now? We were in such a rush to leave back then and had not properly thanked Young Miss Mu for saving our lives.”

    Mu Lai replied indifferently. “I did not help much. The person you have to thank is Qing Yu.”

    “Is Miss Qing Yu here as well?” Feng Qi asked in surprise.

    Xi Zhan Chen’s mind was still fixed upon the scene where Qing Yu had blocked that ball of black mist for him, and she had fallen right before his eyes. Suddenly hearing her name being mentioned, he was immediately pulled back to his senses. “What are the two of you talking about?”

    Hearing the question, Feng Qi then explained: “Back then, Ah Zhan your life was hanging by a thread under the spell of the snake curse. It was this Miss Qing Yu who appeared in the nick of time to save you, or you would have been in grave danger.”

    Xi Zhan Chen’s gaze turned sharp, and his body froze in its spot.

    [So, she had been the one who saved him back then.]

    When he finally came back to his senses, a fuzzy figure appeared right before his eyes. Though it was a little blurry and he could not see it all that clearly, he was able to hear the faint sound of the person’s gentle voice that was tinged with smiles.

    [No wonder he had found her somehow familiar. So they had really met before.]

    [But why did she not tell him her identity when she must have recognized him?]

    [And this was already the second time she had saved his life.]

    [And she was now lying in there, gravely injured, not knowing whether she would live or die.]

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