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Chapter 196.3 - Close Your Eyes. Don’t Look At What You’re Not Supposed to See

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 196.3: Close Your Eyes. Don’t Look At What You’re Not Supposed to See

    He had initially wanted to take off her blood soaked clothes for her and now that too long a time had passed, the clothes were now stuck to the mangled mess of blood and flesh, where the slightest tug would cause a groan of agony to escape through the young lady’s lips.

    Lou Jun Yao was unable to help himself but knit his brows as he contemplated for a moment before he said to Bai Zhi Yan: “Turn yourself around.”

    Bai Zhi Yan seemed to understand what the man wanted to do and obediently turned himself around. The next second, he then heard what he thought must be the sound of clothes disintegrating.

    The moment the naked skin was exposed to the cold air, a faint layer of goose pimples immediately formed over it. The young lady was dressed only in a thin strap underwear, her fair smooth skinned arms and her entire back fully revealed.

    The skin that was always hidden beneath clothes was smooth and beautiful as jade, but her back that should be as alluringly beautiful was instead looking exceptionally frightening with the cauterized wound covering over a large area of her skin.

    Lou Jun Yao’s brows knitted more tightly together. [To think that this impish lass would get herself hurt so badly. You promised that you would not let yourself get hurt but have immediately come to pay such a high price. You deserve a spanking.]

    But when he saw her so gravely hurt and was not even fully conscious, looking like a pitiful little kitten lying there without moving at all, Lou Jun Yao felt so helpless as his heart wrenched up in pain. [The little one just can’t take good care of herself. If any other woman were to be hurt to such an extent, it would just be courting death.]

    Seeing that there was no further reaction from the man for so long, Bai Zhi Yan could not resist opening his mouth to say: “Snap out of it already. If we delay it for too long, the lass’ injuries are going to leave a scar. The dark zombie’s dark powers was really too strong and she was really unlucky to run into it. But fortunately the poison did not seep into her bones so she can still be saved.”

    Lou Jun Yao quickly returned to his senses. “What do I need to do?”

    “Will you really be able to do it? You need to cut off the rotten flesh and apply medicine to the wound to stop the bleeding, and then…..”

    “You do it. Cover your eyes.”


    In the end, Bai Zhi Yan still had to do it, his eyes blindfolded throughout the entire process as Lou Jun Yao guided him at the side. The wound was dealt with rather well but as the process was really too painful, Lou Jun Yao reached his hand out to strike the young lady on her sleep accupoint, rendering her completely unconscious as she fell into a dead faint.

    Her entire back was bandaged up completely as the wound must not come in contact with water for a period.

    Lou Jun Yao pulled the thin blanket at the side to gently cover over the young lady’s frail body. Bai Zhi Yan then removed the blindfold covering his eyes without any expression on his face. This was probably the first time he had to handle such a difficult patient and he was feeling a little discomfited.

    “Her injuries are just too severe. To prevent any infection, she will need to take medicine for the next few days. Watch over her while I go brew the medicine.”

    Lou Jun Yao nodded.

    Bai Zhi Yan opened the door and went out. The people waiting outside immediately moved to surround him. Qing Bei looked a little anxious as he asked: “How is Qing Yu doing?”

    Bai Zhi Yan glanced at him and said: “She’s fine now.” Upon saying that, he immediately walked away, leaving the place.