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Chapter 197.1 - Lou Jun Yao! You Sex Maniac!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 197.1: Lou Jun Yao! You Sex Maniac!

    Seeing him come out, Qing Bei was first surprised for a moment before he went on to ask: “Has Qing Yu woken up yet?”

    Bai Zhi Yan shook his head. “She was unable to keep her medicine down and vomited them out. I am going to contemplate on the herbs to use and brew another batch of medicine for her.”

    After saying that, he was just about to leave but was held back by Qing Bei calling out to him. He turned his head around to look at the youth in puzzlement.

    “Qing Yu is most afraid of taking medicinal brews since she was very young as she has always been very healthy and seldom fell ill. Even when she fell sick, she would not take medicinal brews but just gritted her teeth till she recovered on her own because she would vomit once she was given those bitter brews. She handles pills and elixirs somewhat better but medicinal brews are things that she would never be able to drink.” Qing Bei said with a helpless sigh.

    Upon hearing those words, Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes widened in astoundment. “An Elixir Cultivator who is afraid of drinking medicinal brew? The lass is truly not the same as any of my tribe.”

    An Elixir Cultivator would need to learn to identify herbs through their scent and taste, so they must not exhibit any signs of allergies or resistance against herbs and medicinal brews. Bai Zhi Yan had seen the lass identify medicine before but had not seen her show any adverse reactions, never would he have thought that she would actually be afraid of taking medicinal brews.

    Bai Zhi Yan then shrugged his shoulders. “Alright then, I’ll think of a way.”

    “Can I go in to see Qing Yu?” Qing Bei then opened his mouth to ask.

    “Mm, come on in. But she has not woken up.”

    Bai Zhi Yan said as he led Qing Bei into the room together with him. But the moment they went in, the scene that met their eyes caused the two of them to be stunned in their spots, their eyes wide and their mouths agape.

    The tall slender figured man was seated by the bed, an arm draped around the young lady’s shoulders, her body gingerly leaning against him. His other hand was holding the intricate little porcelain bowl and bringing it up to his own lips, his face expressionless as he took a mouthful of the inky black brew. He then pressed his lips against the young lady’s pale colourless lips, before slowly transferring the medicinal brew into her mouth.

    The taste was of the medicinal brew was probably not too great as the man’s handsome face contorted, creasing up slightly, but he still patiently went on to feed her mouthful by mouthful, and not a single drop of the brew spilled throughout the process.

    Very soon, the bottom on the inside of the entire bowl of medicinal brew could be seen.

    Bai Zhi Yan and Qing Bei stood there frozen like they had been struck on their acupoints, stunned into a daze and were unable to react at all for a good long while.

    A good while passed after finishing the bowl of medicinal brew, the young lady’s exquisite looking brows then creased up, looking like she was feeling uncomfortable and was going to vomit the medicine out. But a man’s magnetic and pleasing voice sounded beside her ear, with a slightly threatening tinge, it said: “If you dare to vomit that out, I will feed you another two bowls.”

    Even though she was drifting in and out of semi consciousness, the young lady was instinctively afraid of drinking medicinal brews, and her body then obediently went on to keep the medicine in, not vomiting it out.

    The man’s lips then curved up in a satisfied smile, before he gently laid her back down onto the bed. As she was wounded on her back, he could only lie her on her side. Although that posture might not be that comfortable, there was nothing else he could do.

    He pulled the thin blanket to cover snugly around the young lady’s body, and turned around to see two dumbfounded statues standing at the door, like they had just witnessed something most astounding.