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Chapter 197.2 - Lou Jun Yao! You Sex Maniac!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 197.2: Lou Jun Yao! You Sex Maniac!

    Lou Jun Yao raised his foot to go walk towards them outside, and even gently pulled the door closed behind him.

    That was when Bai Zhi Yan then managed to recover to his senses. He gulped loudly and then stammered: “She….. finished it all?”

    “Mm.” Lou Jun Yao answered indifferently, and the expression on his face could not be any more normal.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s gaze grew highly complicated. “And you took advantage of the fact that the lass is still unconscious to do something like this?”

    [What an aggrieving and lamentful thing to see!]

    Lou Jun Yao then glanced at the man, the expression on his face confused. “What did I do?”

    [You beast! You’re not even going to admit it! !]

    [He had seen it all so clearly!]

    Lou Jun Yao looked at Bai Zhi Yan’s highly indignant look at he arched up an eyebrow to look at the man before he said: “I was merely feeding her medicine. What kind of a messed up thing are you thinking in your mind?”

    “Your method of feeding medicine is so unique that maybe I might want to fall ill next time as well.” Bai Zhi Yan shot back.

    “You do not have to worry. I will get Ling Shu to do it for you.”

    Bai Zhi Yan found himself completely speechless. “…..”

    [Must he really show such utter discrimination? !]

    Lou Jun Yao went on to ignore the man and turned to the handsome youth at the side. “I heard that you were tricked and brought into the forbidden grounds. Are you hurt?”

    Qing Bei shook his head. “I am fine. I was too careless and dragged Qing Yu into it. She went in there only because of me.”

    Lou Jun Yao looked at the highly remorseful youth and he patted the young man on the shoulder. “You are not to blame. It is fated that she has to undergo this trial. Things will be fine once it passes.”

    Qing Bei suddenly recalled the scene that he had just witnessed and his face turned rather hot. His eyes glanced highly fleetingly at the man and he then started to say hesitantly: “You were just…..”

    “Her body is greatly weakened and that was a medicinal tonic that is highly nourishing for her. If she does not drink that, her recovery will be very slow and her wounds might even get infected.” Lou Jun Yao curved up his lips in a reassuring smile and explained in a gentle voice.

    Qing Bei barely managed to utter a halting “Oh” before he then asked weakly in a very soft voice: “Are you interested in Qing Yu in that manner…..”

    Actually he had always wanted to ask that question. It seemed like every time something happened to Qing Yu, he would always appear in the nick of time. And the way he gazes at Qing Yu, just made it impossible for anyone to not think deeper into it.

    He claimed that it was because of his friendship with their mother that was making him show them such concern but it was becoming clear that the real reason this mysterious and unfathomable man kept appearing was all because of Qing Yu.

    That rather embarrassing question came to cause Bai Zhi Yan to raise an eyebrow, rather intrigued himself, enough to make him look at the man to ask: “I am rather curious as well. Are you harbouring ulterior motives towards the little lass, and has illicit designs on her?”

    [The lass has a face that was more beautiful than any words could describe, definitely the type that men would absolutely adore.]

    Tinged with pure innocence within that beauty, where every frown and every smile was exceptionally alluring. Even when disguised as a male, she had mesmerized a whole bunch of ladies, making them fall head over heels in love with her.