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Chapter 197.3 - Lou Jun Yao! You Sex Maniac!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 197.3: Lou Jun Yao! You Sex Maniac!

    Moreover, she was not just an empty vase that had nothing but beauty. She possessed top notch skills in medicine and poisons, high and unfathomable cultivation, was highly intelligent and black bellied, not weak and frail like most other ladies who only knew how to seek protection from men. With a brave and strong heart, her personality was one that was really just too lovable.

    Disregarding other things for the moment, Bai Zhi Yan actually rather liked the lass quite a lot, just not in the way a man loves a woman. He was too used to fooling around and it was hard for his heart to settle down, so what he had for the young lady was just purely admiration.

    But it was hard to say for this fella Lou Jun Yao here. He seemed to be acting rather strange, always claiming that he was showing concern for a junior as an elder. Such unbelievable words will only fool a mindless moron!

    See, he has even come to steal kisses with that flimsy excuse of feeding her medicine, see how he can further deny it!

    Towards that, Lou Jun Yao merely just laughed softly, and his violet eyes looked even sparkling bright with that smile. Under the two other people’s pressing gazes, the man then said with a mirthful sounding voice: “Such words must not be said to her face as young ladies are more thin skinned and it might be perplexing for them to hear something like this. Anyway, I am going to get some rest and I do not wish to be disturbed.”

    After saying that, Lou Jun Yao then went back into the room, and a soft sound was then heard behind the door. He had actually locked the door from the inside.

    Qing Bei’s face was confused. “…..” [The man did not seem to have understood his question?]

    Bai Zhi Yan was equally speechless. “…..” [So had he admitted to it or not? He did not even explain it fully, such a detestable habit!]

    But the fella was probably really exhausted. He had yet to fully recover from his injuries, having lost so much blood and had not had the chance to properly recuperate before tearing his way through dimensional space to cross two realms. Immediately upon arriving, he had to then defeat that powerful dark zombie, not sleeping a wink throughout the night as he was worried for the lass’ condition. Even the greatest body constitution would not be able to withstand such torment.

    When that thought came to mind, Bai Zhi Yan then started to sympathize with the man, but then he suddenly remembered something else.

    [In that room….. it seems like there is only one bed?]

    [Although the bed is large, but it is still just one bed! And Qing Yu was already sleeping on it, so where is he going to sleep?]

    [He must have purposely changed the topic just now, intent on hugging the lass to sleep!]

    [Such a sly one he is.]

    Qing Yu was unconscious for an entire day and night. When she opened her eyes again, she could see the last remnant rays of the setting sun through the half closed windows.

    She blinked her eyes a couple of times, still feeling groggy with sleep, and did not move for a good while. Till she sensed the sound of soft breathing beside her, and the warm palm placed over the back of her hand.

    She then came back to her senses, her gaze turning to look to the side.

    The man’s handsome face was just inches away, the long luscious eyelashes hanging quietly as they cast tiny fan shaped shadows over his cheeks, looking a little adorable. His thin lips were slightly parted, and when he did not smile, they felt a little cold, but when they curved up into a devilish arc, they were able to mesmerize so many countless pairs of eyes.