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Chapter 197.4 - Lou Jun Yao! You Sex Maniac!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Yu blinked her eyes to drive away the grogginess. She then blinked them again. [So when this fella is sleeping, he looks so gentle and kind…..]

    [But, where is this place she is in now?]

    [Isn’t she supposed to be in the forbidden grounds? This fella must have appeared and defeated that dark zombie. But….. why is she sleeping here beside him?]

    [And sleeping so soundly at that. She has woken up for quite awhile and he did not seem to have sensed anything at all.]

    As Qing Yu had been asleep for too long, her body was feeling rather sluggish and weak. She wanted to get off and walk around but did not realize that her entire back was so badly wounded there wasn’t an inch of undamaged skin on it. She then flipped herself onto her back and tragically came to lie onto her back.

    “Ugh…..” The excruciating pain wrecked her body all of a sudden, catching her off guard and she gasped out in shock.

    Lou Jun Yao heard the sound and stirred awake. The first thing that met his eyes was the young lady’s beautiful looking eyes that looked like a phoenix’s, that were misted over with what almost seemed to be tears, looking so pitiful and in pain.

    He could not help but curved his lips up in an arc. “You’ve come awake?”

    Qing Yu looked at him like she didn’t want to live anymore, clenching her jaws tightly together as she said in a trembling voice: “Wh….. What happened to me…..”

    [Why does it feel as if she had a few layers of her flesh skinned off her back? It was so painful that she had started to doubt wanting to live.]

    Hearing her ask that, the smile on Lou Jun Yao’s face deepened, and his long slender fingers pinched her on the cheek as he said with an almost imperceptible smile. “You still have the cheek to ask? You think your body’s forged from steel that you actually went to block such a dangerous attack for another man! ? Don’t you think you deserve a beating? Who was the one who promised me that she would take good care of herself?”

    Qing Yu knew that she was in the wrong and she did not argue back but merely said weakly: “But I cannot very well just stand back and watch him die can I? Moreover, having me getting slightly injured is better than sending him right to his death isn’t it?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “And who is this man?”

    Qing Yu answered: “You should have seen him back there. He’s quite a unique kind of assassin.”

    Lou Jun Yao laughed. “Unique in what way? Exceptionally good looking?”

    Qing Yu deliberated on it for a moment before she nodded her head. “He is indeed rather good looking.”

    In the end, the man’s gaze almost bored a hole through her body which felt a little too terrifying. Qing Yu subconsciously took a step back to avoid those eyes that then caused her to pull her wound.

    The pain made her wish that she was dead, her tearful face indescribable.

    Lou Jun Yao saw how pitiful she looked and found it both infuriating and funny at the same time. He stretched his hand out to hold her arm, not allowing her to make any careless moves and said in a gentle voice: “Let me see if your wound has split open.”

    “No.” Qing Yu shook her head.

    She was wounded on her back and she would have to take off her clothes to see the wound. Men and women should avoid such close physical contact.

    But in the midst of the pulling and tugging, the blanket around her body slipped off and she felt a chill over her shoulder. Qing Yu lowered her eyes to look down in puzzlement. That one look immediately caused her face to burn red.

    “Lou Jun Yao!”