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Chapter 199.1 - Older Men Know How to Dote on Ladies Better

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
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    Her long hair cascaded down, looking a little languid and lazy, adding an exquisite allure onto that tiny face. Together with the smooth shoulder that was titillatingly exposed, she really was quite seductive looking at that moment.

    She had truly inherited all the best points from the most divinely beautiful couple of Cloud Heaven back then, her looks and intelligence overshadowing her parents. It was believed that if Aunt Lan were to see that she has a daughter that was so much like her, she would definitely be greatly comforted.

    Lou Jun Yao stretched his hand out to pat her on the head. “Rest well. Be careful to not squash your wound on your back.”

    Qing Yu nodded, and then opened her mouth to ask. “Where are you going?”

    The moment those words came out from her mouth, she immediately felt that her question was a little weird.

    As expected, the man’s expression seemed to be tinged with a faint imperceptible smile as he then said: “What? You want me to keep you company? Can’t bear for me to leave?”

    Qing Yu looked at him without any expression. [Can’t bear your head…..]

    Lou Jun Yao laughed softly, but did not continue to tease her. The tall figure then stood up at the side of the bed, before opening the door to go out.

    Bai Zhi Yan had been waiting outside the door and when he saw the man come out, he raised his eyebrows and asked: “Has the little lass woken up?”

    “Mm. She’s now awake. And she even drank the medicine just now.” Lou Jun Yao said with a smile.

    Bai Zhi Yan nodded his head happily and the two men then walked a distance before Bai Zhi Yan opened his mouth to say: “It is as you predicted. Ling Shu met with a little trouble in the White Fens Lands and is unable to come back for awhile.”

    “What happened?”

    “The Feng Family’s Second Young Master is indeed Feng Tian Hen and the Feng Family now is not the same as before anymore. Their Family Head Feng Xun has not handled the Family Clan’s affairs for many years and their Young Heir has become sickly and ill in recent years, unable to come out to see anyone. The Young Heir Feng Tian Jin’s authourity is gradually being diminished and all of the clan’s affairs big and small is controlled by Feng Tian Hen alone, where no one dares to go against him at all. The Feng Family can be said to be well entrenched in its position as the top Family Clan in the White Fens Lands now and it could be seen from here how skillfully manipulative a person he is, as this is not something any mediocre person can possibly achieve.”

    Lou Jun Yao laughed scoffingly. “It is said that the Feng Family’s Young Heir is timid as a mouse, a man who did not accomplish anything even after reaching twenty over years in age, a well known useless good for nothing. To be able to pocket such a large Family Clan entirely in just a short few years like that, that is truly not an easy task.”

    “It’s more than just difficult. It is like his entire person has been taken over and has changed into another person completely. ” Bai Zhi Yan said with amazement.

    And those words he said unintentionally came to cause Lou Jun Yao’s eyes to deepen.

    [He had really hit the nail right on the head this time. Feng Tian Hen is really not the original Feng Tian Hen anymore.]

    [He recalled to the night when Qing Yu had been so helpless and weak. That was the inner demons that consumed her heart…..]