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Chapter 199.3 - Older Men Know How to Dote on Ladies Better

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 199.3: Older Men Know How to Dote on Ladies Better

    With people who were useful to him, he would show them more tolerance, bestowing onto them the greatest authourity and glory. For those who were of no use to him, there was only one word for them. Death.

    His contempt for others was so great that he never remembered people’s names, where even after knowing Bai Zhi Yan, it was only because Bai Zhi Yan was always appearing by his side, and it took him a whole year’s time before he finally came to remember Bai Zhi Yan’s name.

    No was was able to walk into this man’s heart, except for one legendary lady in Cloud Heaven more than a hundred years ago.

    She was not fearful of him, nor did she detest him, never once looking at him with a strange gaze, but only with one that was filled with comforting warmth like sunshine, which silently seeped into that cold hard heart.

    Ever since then, from being a demon that everyone feared and was shrouded in dark mystery, Lou Jun Yao slowly began to turn into a normal human being. He learnt how to hide the dark and terrifying side of himself before others, and a smile came to always hang from his lips. He became someone no one was able to read or fathom, which made people fear him even more.

    To him, that lady played both the role of a mother and that of a teacher.

    And now, another exception has appeared. One that made him go against him own principles, to the extent that he was even willing to disregard his own safety for her sake, and actually sought to….. take her as his own.

    Thinking back on it, all of this must have already been destined by fate all along.


    The next day, the Three Great Sects’ Friendship Meet officially commenced.

    The Faint Mist Sect had expended two whole days on the search. Besides the few people who were friendly to Qing Yu, anyone who had anything to say about it all thought that she had been nothing but a burden for everyone, and had taken up so much of everyone’s time.

    It was only after the Sect Leader Wen Ren Qian who stepped forth to explain it that everyone then came to know what had really caused this to happen. It was then known that the culprits were actually a bunch of fellas from the Soul Cultivators Department that stirred up trouble just because of jealousy.

    The Faint Mist Sect strictly forbids any internal strife among their disciples and all those Soul Cultivators Department disciples who had a part in the mess had punishments meted out to them. Additionally, if they were not able to achieve good results in the sect’s next internal ranking competition, they would also be kicked out of the sect altogether, which was considered quite a harsh punishment.

    Due to her injuries, Qing Yu was brought back to the Gathered Cloud Loft to recuperate by Lou Jun Yao, where she would be escorted directly to the Carefree Valley, while Qing Bei and Mu Lai went back to the Faint Mist Sect to gather up with all the other participants.

    “Why haven’t we seen our little junior from the Deviant Department? I heard that she went into the forbidden grounds. Is she alright?” Just before they set out, when he did not see Qing Yu among the Deviant Department’s disciples, Tan Lin Ruo could not help himself but come ask Mu Lai about it.

    Mu Lai then replied: “She sustained injuries and her mobility is still a little restricted for the moment. She will probably not be able to take part in the Friendship Meet among the sects this time.”

    What she said was indeed the truth. Just before they left, she had gone to visit Qing Yu and had seen the young lady lying prone on her bed so pitifully. It was said that her entire back was one grisly wound and she was unable to lie on her back at all. She was not even able to sleep comfortably not to mention coming down from the bed to walk.