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Chapter 200.1 - This Maniac is Lusting after his Beautiful Looks

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 200.1: This Maniac is Lusting after his Beautiful Looks

    The Carefree Valley’s headquarters sat at the bottom of a sheer and treacherous cliff, one of the places in the Constellation Lands that was famously dangerous.

    To the Carefree Valley’s disciples who had the unmatched abilities in “lightfoot skills” which enabled them to leap and vault over roofs and high walls effortlessly, traversing up and down the sheer cliff face was a task that did not even require them to break a sweat. But to outsiders, trying to scale that wall could easily cause them to lose their lives.

    Before the cliff’s edge, tens of young men stood dressed in uniform dark blue clothes, their faces covered behind demon masks.

    The Carefree Valley’s assassins were categorized into four different grades. In descending order, they were Gold Badge Assassins, Heaven Grade Assassins, Mystical Grade Assassins, and the Yellow Grade Assassins.

    The colour of their clothes were also based according to their grading as well. The Gold Badge Assassins all wore scarlet, the Mystical Grade Assassins Dark Green, and the Yellow Grade Assassins white.

    And before everyone’s eyes, these men in dark blue robes were the Carefree Valley’s Heaven Grade Assassins that was just below the Golden Badge Assassins who held prominent status and position in the sect. To see so many Heaven Grade Assassins come out here to receive the guests from the other two sects, it was clear how important the Carefree Valley saw this event to be.

    From behind the many dark blue robed men, a person slowly came to step forward, dressed in full scarlet robes. His face was devilishly attractive, and he then opened his mouth to say with a smile: “It must have been a long arduous journey for all our esteemed guests here. My name is Yan Jue, here to welcome all of you here on behalf of our Valley Chief. I beg your pardon if we have been tardy in any way.”

    His voice had just fallen when a roar of exclamation rose up among the guests before it quickly subsided into hushed murmurings within the crowd.

    “Yan Jue….. That name sounds so familiar.”

    “Don’t tell me you really have not heard that name before? He is one of the top ten assassins within the Assassins Temple, nicknamed the Smiling Hades, the notorious Yan Jue who can take one’s life without anyone knowing while smiling amicably!”

    “From the Assassins Temple! ? I saw his scarlet robe and had thought that he was just a regular Gold Badge Assassin from the Carefree Valley.” The first man said in a subdued voice.

    “Tsk, that one there can do whatever he wants. He always likes to wear red clothes that is representative of a Gold Badge Assassin just to confuse people. It must be known that the most highly skilled people in the Carefree Valley aren’t the Gold Badge Assassins but the ones from the Assassins Temple above them all!”

    “I heard that every single one of them in the Assassins Temple has attained levels that can only be described as terrifying, will all of us here just end up embarrassing ourselves here…..”

    Probably after having overheard their discussion, someone started to feel afraid, and wanted to back out from the competition.

    The moment his words came out, he was immediately laughed at by everyone. “How did you even manage to muster the guts to come participate in the Friendship Meet at all? I think you might have your life frightened right out of you looking down the sheer cliff before even going down!”