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Chapter 200.2 - This Maniac is Lusting after his Beautiful Looks

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Yan Jue listened to the hushed whispers among the guests and could not help but show scorn on his face. [To think these people actually dare to come take part in this Friendship Meet between the sects, looks like the Faint Mist Sect and the Limitless Sect have become much less worthy of attention.]

    His gaze searched through the crowd and he did not see anyone that he was seeking out. He could not help being rather surprised. [The Friendship Meet among the sects is such an important event, is that fella not coming?]

    He was just thinking that when a gust of cold wind blew from behind him, chillingly aggressive. His fingers immediately curled up into claws, and his fingernails suddenly grew long as he threw his hand behind him in a grab. His hands gripped tightly upon the person creeping up from behind in a sneak attack. It was….. a sword’s hilt.

    Yan Jue was silent. “…..”

    The man’s whose weapon was gripped in Yan Jue’s hand looked at him in befuddlement, and it was a heartbeat later that he opened his mouth to say: “You always get so passionate every time we meet.”

    Yan Jue stared at the man without any expression on his face, and then released his grip on the sword’s hilt. The tone of his voice sounded like he was speaking through tightly clenched teeth as he said: “Do you have to be so moronic everytime you appear by playing such games? Always attempting to sneak up to attack me even though you clearly know that you will not succeed.”

    [Is this fella really such an idiot! ?]

    The man was tall and well built, standing there with his arms hugging his sword. His eyes were bright and alert, exceptionally good looking, Su Li Mo in the flesh.

    He watched the infuriated expression on the other man’s face, and could not help but blink his eyes innocently as he said with a laugh: “I was merely just testing your reflexes aren’t I? It’s so that your cultivation will not come to regress you know?”


    Yan Jue really could not be bothered with this person, always so childish to try such an old trick like a sneak attack, seeming to take delight in such mischievous pranks.

    Ever since they came to form a grudge when he came to hunt for the same prey with Su Li Mo during one of his training trips outside, this fella seemed to have become addicted to battling him, always picking a fight whenever they meet, which was just so bothersome.

    But he was an opponent with maniacal powers, their battles always inconclusive every single time, so he was unable to beat him up so bad to convince the fella to never come back to bother him again.

    If this came to be known by his bunch of brothers, he would surely be laughed at mercilessly. They would surely claim that Su Li Mo was just lusting for his beauteous looks, and was merely picking fights with him to draw the two of them closer in order to improve their relationship.

    [Ptui! Improve what god damned relationship! ?]

    [The entire bunch of them have nothing on their minds but always filled with such trashy and nonsensical thoughts! !]

    Yan Jue was always carrying a fake smile on his face and his patient was really running out as he stared at Su Li Mo. He then said sarcastically: “What? The Faint Mist Sect has no one else but only sent you here?”

    Su Li Mo arched up an eyebrow. “Oh? Your tone of voice sounds like you do not think very much of the Faint Mist Sect do you?”

    “I do not think all that much of the Faint Mist Sect indeed, but I think even much less of you especially.” Yan Jue said with contempt.

    Hearing those words, Su Li Mo did not get angry, but just said with a laugh: “It wouldn’t be too late for you to say those words only after you manage to defeat me would it?”