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Chapter 200.3 - This Maniac is Lusting after his Beautiful Looks

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 200.3: This Maniac is Lusting after his Beautiful Looks

    Over on the Limitless Sect’s side, as the final disciple of the Sect Leader and his most favoured one, Mu Chi had naturally come to attend the meet as well. A handsome youth that was pleasing to the eye, he drew the attention of everyone wherever he went. In addition to that, he also had the top Elixir Cultivators Family Clan backing him from behind, so people would naturally want to butter him up a little whenever they saw him.

    But sometimes attracting too much attention might not be a good thing altogether, or at least Mu Chi was someone who disliked having people look at him like he was some rare and precious creature.

    “Little brat.”

    Someone suddenly tapped him on the shoulder, and Mu Chi raised his eyes to see who it was. His face then broke into a smile. “Sis, you’re here as well.”

    Mu Lai raised an eyebrow. “How could I not come to such an important event? How have you been recently?”

    Mu Chi smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “How bad can things get for me? I am able to eat and sleep well.”

    Mu Lai pummeled him with a laugh, her eyes filled with earnest mirth.

    She was not close to anyone in the Mu Family that was of similar age to her except for the children in her Aunt’s family whom she was on very good terms with. Mu Lai was one year older than him, and she really liked fella who was like a brother to her.

    Mu Chi peered at the group of people behind the woman and then opened his mouth to ask seemingly indifferently: “Why do I not see Qing Yu? She couldn’t possibly not be taking part is she?”

    “Qing Yu met with a mishap recently and sustained injuries. She might not be coming.” Mu Lai replied, and then arched an eyebrow up to look at him. “What? You miss her?”

    Mu Chi ignored the teasing tone of her voice and went on to ask with a worried look on his face: “She got injured? What happened? Were her injuries serious?”

    Seeing the youth so anxious and worried, Mu Lai then said helplessly: “The injuries were not especially serious, but the wound was rather large, and quite frightening to see. You do not have to worry yourself too much, as she has someone looking after her!”

    [And that person really cared greatly for Qing Yu, to the extent that he was highly meticulous, down to the very last detail]

    [She was aware of this little fool’s feelings towards Qing Yu, but as the man beside Qing Yu was really just too strong an opponent, Mu Chi could not even compare to the little finger on that man’s hand. The disparity between their powers was just too great and he might as well just give up early.]

    [And that lass Qing Yu is such a powerful one herself, Mu Chi is really quite a long way off from matching up with her.]

    Hearing that, Mu Chi’s eyes dimmed, seeming to have understood something, and did not continue to ask any further.

    On the other side, seeing that time was up, Yan Jue then whispered to a man wearing a demon mask beside him. The man nodded and then went out to the edge of the cliff before he jumped off, his movements exceptionally nimble as his disappeared from sight.

    Right after that, the sound of some mechanism being initiated was heard.

    Yan Jue then came to turn himself around to face everyone, a disarming smile on his face. “Everyone can now enter the Carefree Valley. The entrance into our Carefree Valley is at the bottom of this cliff and I implore for everyone to be careful not to get yourselves hurt. You can all first come see how to pass through the obstacles safely and I shall be awaiting your arrival at the bottom.”