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Chapter 200.4 - This Maniac is Lusting after his Beautiful Looks

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 200.4: This Maniac is Lusting after his Beautiful Looks

    The moment he finished his words, he was already making his way down the sheer cliff with the several tens Carefree Valley Heaven Grade assassins. All of them could be seen nimbly leaping and dodging their way down, the slippery and highly treacherous sheer cliff face seemingly firm and steady under their feet, like it was completely effortless and easy to do.

    Looks like the rumour that people of the Carefree Valley possessed unparalleled “lightfoot” skills isn’t exaggerated at all.

    Letting everyone watch them make their way down, was considered as a demonstration for everyone up there.

    But their movements were too quick and no one was able to see their actions clearly. It would not be an easy task getting down to the bottom of the cliff.

    [Let it be. Just cure a dead horse like one would do for a live one.] (*Chinese saying.)

    Someone then clenched his jaws tight and then jumped off from the edge. Seeing that someone had taken the lead, the people who were beside him then leapt off as well, following behind the lead guy.

    But very soon, a horrifying scream quickly sounded from below.

    “EEEK~ A ghost! !”

    “A ghost is pulling my leg! I am going to fall off! Let go of me! Let go!”


    Everyone was silent. “…..”

    [What is happening? There are ghosts down there? ?]

    “So, did you manage to see where they stepped?”

    Not too far away, two purple robed figures stood.

    It was a man and a woman, one tall with a muscular build, the other tall and slender, looking very compatible to each other. These two people were Lou Jun Yao and Qing Yu who arrived here late.

    As Qing Yu was carrying an injury, they did not take the horse carriage, but had come here through the amazing skill of traversing through dimensional space, and they had just reached the place.

    Qing Yu rubbed her chin and nodded. “Mm. I was able to more or less see. Though I wouldn’t know what’s below that, but I can give it a try at least.”

    Upon saying that, she was just going to walk over to the edge of the cliff. But before she had even taken two steps out, a hand closed on her arm and she was pulled back by the man. The man’s displeased voice was then heard. “What did you promise me?”

    Qing Yu was taken aback a moment and she then replied obediently: “I can only watch, and cannot make any moves on my own. But I….. haven’t made any moves…..”

    Lou Jun Yao looked at her with a scornful face. “I should just hand you a mirror to let you see the look on your own face now. See whether you can tell that your face has “I’m so excited!” written all over it.”

    Qing Yu had no words. “…..”

    [In what way did she show she was excited…..]

    [Alright. Maybe just a tiny little bit. It really isn’t all that much.]

    [People out there are all saying how great and terrifying the Carefree Valley’s sheer cliff face is, and she just wants to find out for herself to see if it really lives up to its name only…..]

    Seeing everyone from the Limitless Sect and the Faint Mist Sect having gone down one after another, Qing Yu knitted up her brows and asked: “Then how are we going to get down?”

    Lou Jun Yao scoffed haughtily as he glanced at the young lady. “You do not have to worry about such a thing. Hug me.”

    Qing Yu who had been seriously waiting for his reply was suddenly stunned, unable to react for a moment. “What did you say?”