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Chapter 201.1 - A Troublesome Old Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 201.1: A Troublesome Old Man

    The young lady looked up at him in confusion, seeming to not have heard him clearly.

    Watching her, she looked somewhat adorable in her bewilderment.

    Lou Jun Yao curved up his lips, and grabbed her arm to put around his waist. He then lowered his head and said: “I said hold on tightly to me. I will bring you down as it is inconvenient for you to make any great movements with the injury on your back.”


    Qing Yu was a little perplexed. [She was merely just injured and it is now inconvenient for her to do this and inconvenient for her to do that. She had sustained wounds more severe than this before but it had not been so troublesome you know?]

    For some unknown reason, she felt that when she was with Lou Jun Yao, something feels a little strange. But what it was exactly, she just could not put her finger on it.

    The people up on the cliff went down one after another, and in a blink, there was already no one else there.

    The two of them then slowly went walking over to stand right at the edge. The wind rushing up from the bottom kept blowing the ends of their clothes up, the sharp wind cutting painfully onto people’s faces. From this, it could be seen just how deep the valley really was.

    “Hold on tight.” The man’s low magnetic voice reminded once again.

    Qing Yu hesitated for a moment, before she slipped her arm lightly around the man’s waist, only gently embracing him.

    She could not help but feel, something wasn’t right with the position they were in.

    The man’s soft laughter sounded above her head and his arm thoughtfully avoiding the wounds on her back, circled around the young lady into his arms, the slender figure fitting rather well against the man’s tall well built frame.

    A smiley tinge came to appear upon Lou Jun Yao’s face and in the next instant, the two figures started to descend very quickly. The biting cold wind rushing up from the bottom of the cliff made one feel as if they had fallen into an icy lake, the powerful gusts seeming like they were able to devour everything.

    She could not open her eyes fully with the wind rushing into her face. Qing Yu was struggling very hard to keep her eyes open as she asked: “Why do I feel like there is something strange with this wind…..”

    They were clearly making their way towards the bottom of the cliff but the wind kept blowing them up. It had been quite a while since they made their way down but they were still hovering around in the air.

    Qing Yu furrowed her brows together and contemplated on it for a moment before she suddenly opened her mouth to ask: “Why don’t you try not using any spirit power and don’t fight against this evil wind. Then just let go of me.”

    Lou Jun Yao lowered his head to look at her. “Do you know how high up we are? Even your bones will not be found if you fall down from here.”

    “Didn’t you notice that the more you use your spirit powers, the stronger this evil wind retaliates? Now that you’ve retracted some of your power, there is merely a constant resistance pushing back at us, and is no longer initiating any attacks.” Qing Yu said with a glint in his eye, and she then pointed a finger into the distance. “Look.”

    Lou Jun Yao looked in the direction her finger was pointing to and he saw a man in green robes floating in the air, the expression on his face looking a little crazed.