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Chapter 201.2 - A Troublesome Old Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 201.2: A Troublesome Old Man

    He was flaying his four limbs about to attack and defend himself, like he was fighting someone but there was no one in front of him, looking like he was hallucinating and fighting a demon that had possessed him.

    “Do you think that he has been possessed?” Qing Yu asked raised her head up to ask the man who was holding her in an embrace.

    Lou Jun Yao did not answer but just raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to continue.

    “The way he is reacting looks makes him look like he’s a little crazy but his eyes seem to see a terrifying enemy that is attacking him. He is struggling to fight back and the illusion he is seeing must be from this evil wind blowing.” Qing Yu’s pleasing voice said captivatingly.

    “It is one of the more common types of illusory techniques called the Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array where they are seven illusory states, with wind, snow, fire, ice, wood, absorb, and poison, each state different from one another, but all of them very dangerous. The array we have just walked into now is one among the Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array, the wind array.”

    As her voice fell, Lou Jun Yao’s gaze unconsciously lit up with fervour in his eyes. “You know about spirit arrays?”

    “Just a thing or two about them.” Qing Yu said modestly as she nodded.

    The ends of Lou Jun Yao’s face curled up. What he had left unspoken in his heart was that he was well versed in spirit arrays himself, a little more skilled than any regular spirit array practitioners out there. With the kind of intelligence he possessed, if he really put his mind to it, nothing was too difficult for him.

    His affinity with spirit arrays had started back when he was very young in the Divine Healers Sect. He had accidentally stumbled into a hidden array and was trapped in it for three whole days and nights.

    Ever since then, he had resolved that he would never allow himself to fall into a difficult situation just because of his ignorance about something.

    Hence, even people from the Dark Lands who had followed him for a very long time did not know just how many things their Lord was skilled and well versed in, as his actions had always showed how overly reliant he was on all his subordinates, so it was natural for them to feel that the Lord only possessed a set of savagely terrifying powers in cultivation, and did not know anything else.

    This young lady here had just said that this was one of the more common types of illusory arrays? To Lou Jun Yao, whatever this Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array is, it’s something that he had never even heard of before! So….. when the little fox said that she knew only a thing of two about spirit arrays, she was merely just being overly modest!

    She had probably seen more complex arrays than this while this Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array before them now was something he was not yet able to unravel.

    Qing Yu then continued: “The Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array only messes with a person’s mind, inflicting mental damage on their consciousness and does not put a person’s life at risk. Looks like the Carefree Valley has set this array here on this one and only way down to the cliff’s bottom to intimidate the Limitless Sect and the Faint Mist Sect, seeking to take them down a peg or two right from the start.”

    After saying that, the corners of her lips suddenly lifted slightly, the faint arc on her face exceptionally alluring and beautiful. “But it is most unfortunate for them that they encountered me this time. Looks like they will have to be sorely disappointed.”