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Chapter 201.3 - A Troublesome Old Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 201.3: A Troublesome Old Man

    This was what the young lady should be like. No matter the occasion, always filled with vigor and confidence, a sharp and devious strategist exuding such strong charm, like nothing could ever bring her down.

    Lou Jun Yao looked at her with tenderness in his eyes. “Let me do it. Tell me what I should do.”

    “This Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array is an illusory ice array at its heart and all the other elemental powers array are controlled by that. So once the space that this mystical wind array sits in is frozen up with ice, all the other arrays will then self destruct.”

    At almost the same moment that her voice fell, the powerful hurricane suddenly ceased, and every inch of the air froze into ice. Everything blurred and turned fuzzy before their eyes for a moment before it all cleared up, where many familiar faces appeared. Having awoken from the illusory array, their bodies then plummeted straight down and the air was filled with many horrified screams and panicked howls the very next moment.

    “Arrrgh~ It’s too high! I am falling to my death! Aaaah…..”

    But the expected pain and agony did not come, as their feet came to steadily step onto firm ground.

    [It’s just unbelievable!]

    [It isn’t just a dream is it? This is….. the bottom of the cliff? ! What just happened? ?]

    The entrance to the Carefree Valley was right before their eyes and Yan Jue with the several tens of Heaven Grade Assassins who had descended earlier all stood there with utter disbelief on their faces.

    [How is this possible?]

    [It has not even been an hour and all of them have reached here at the bottom!]

    And it seemed as though every single one of them had made it down, like nothing had happened to them at all.

    The Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array was specially erected against outsiders and did not affect the Carefree Valley’s disciples in the slightest, hence it was not surprising that they were able to pass through the array safely. But for all these people from the other sects to make it through, it was a situation that they could not help thinking deeper into it.

    Just as the people on both sides were still puzzled and bewildered, a white haired old man came walking out slowly, his body bent and crooked, his long beard almost about to drag on the ground.

    When Yan Jue saw that person, he then said in surprise. “Uncle Master, why have you come out?”

    This highly eccentric and temperamental Uncle Master had not stepped out from the sect grounds once for so many years, he could not help but wonder what could have drawn the old man to come out.

    He often acted erratically, seemingly a little deranged, and was now even playing the role of a Carefree Valley door guard. Although he was well advanced in age, he was still highly energetic, skilled in divination and techniques involving the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams, where many of the Carefree Valley’s highly lethal arrays and traps had stemmed from his hands.

    The old man ignored Yan Jue and his slightly muddled looking eyes cleared up for a moment as he turned to look at the two figures walking in slowly at the back of the crowd. His mouth suddenly split into a smile and he said: “Good one my young friend. To think that you are able to break this Spirit Absorbing Seven Deaths Array of mine. Looks like you tread on the same path as well. Truly one who is much more than you reveal yourself to be.”