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Chapter 201.4 - A Troublesome Old Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 201.4: A Troublesome Old Man

    And his eyes were fixed right upon Qing Yu.

    Looks like the method of breaking the array that Qing Yu deciphered was something the old man was well aware of.

    Hearing the old man’s words, Yan Jue seemed to realize what the old man was talking about and his gaze subconsciously turned to look in that direction. He saw the figures of a man and a woman dressed in purple clothes approaching as they walked.

    The young lady walking in front looked to be about sixteen years old, her alluringly back swept eyes that were like a phoenix’s seemingly able to hook a person’s soul right out of his body. Her complexion was smooth as white jade, the corners of her lips slightly curved up, that barely perceptible smile on her face adding a tinge of mischievousness, that gave that flamboyantly beautiful young lady’s countenance an indescribable allure.

    The countenance of the tall slender well built man behind her was also extraordinarily good looking, that powerful and aloof aura he exuded impossible to dismiss. Even though he was consciously suppressing it, the stifling oppression was so strong it made one’s heart feel highly discomfited.

    “Qing Yu!” Mu Lai’s eyes lit up. “I had thought that you were not coming. Have your wounds healed?”

    Mu Lai took a few steps forward, her pretty face filled with delight. At the next moment, she then noticed that the design of the purple clothes Qing Yu was wearing today was very special, and one did not have to guess to know that the material used was top notch quality.

    [The lass is forever wearing all white all the time, and this is the first time she is seeing the lass dressed in a different colour. But…..]

    Mu Lai then looked towards the man behind her, and her face broke into a teasing smile. “These clothes the two of you are wearing matches each other really well!”

    [That’s what it is! She was thinking why the lass had suddenly changed her dressing, so it was to match their clothes!]

    If one did not look closely, the shade of purple on those two sets of clothes were indeed different, but if one looked carefully, the pattern, design and style were very similar, and it was easy to see that they were specially made to order.

    [This man has really put in quite a bit of effort!]

    [But that incredibly dense lass Qing Yu would definitely not have noticed anything.]

    Over where the Limitless Sect’s disciples were, when Mu Chi saw that Qing Yu had come, joy clearly showed on his face. But upon seeing that Lou Jun Yao was with her, the expression on his face turned a little gloomy.

    Qing Yu nodded and smiled at Qing Yu, before she turned to say to the old man: “Senior is too generous with his praise. What I know barely even scratches the surface and I was just lucky to have seen this kind of an array before. You could say it’s merely a case of a blind cat stumbling upon a dead mouse.” (*Chinese saying)

    “You’re lying. This old man really detests young brats putting on a pretentious act like this the most. If you know, then you know. If you don’t know, then you don’t know. Simple as that.” The old man glared at her a little angrily.

    Qing Yu was at a loss for words a moment, before she then replied truthfully. “This array of Senior’s, is frankly too commonly seen. From the way I see it, it is not qualified to be called an array as there are too many defects. Against a true expert, it will not even withstand a single blow.”

    She really had not expected that the old man’s reaction upon hearing that would be to exclaim in a huff, his eyes glaring angrily with his beard bristling: “You dare look down on this old man’s array? Then you do it!”

    The smile on Qing Yu’s face slowly faded. “…..”

    [This is such a pesky old man!]