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Chapter 202.2 - So Lucky Like Life Was Hacked

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 202.2: So Lucky Like Life Was Hacked

    The Faint Mist Sect’s disciples immediately became highly indignant. [This old man who had suddenly popped out from nowhere, is he even of sound mind at all?]

    [They were here to participate in the Three Great Sects’ Friendship Meet and while the event was still going on, this old man is actually trying to poach one of their members so blatantly, right before everyone’s eyes like this?]

    Su Li Mo’s brows suddenly twitched slightly and he was just about to explode when he saw the exquisitely beautiful little young lady take a couple of steps forward, before she went on to say with a smile.

    “Thank you my Senior for the encouraging favour you’ve shown me but I am already a disciple of the Faint Mist Sect and one must not be a heartless ingrate. If I am to really leave them, not to mention how disappointed the teachers in the Faint Mist Sect will be with me, don’t you think that everyone in Carefree Valley will surely suspect whether I will readily choose to side with a stronger power in future? !”

    The old man’s gaze flashed with a glint, seemingly a little taken by surprise. She had not only rejected his offer, but had come up with a reason that was so irrefutable. He then laughed softly and said to the young lady: “Since that is the case, then this old man shall not coerce our young little friend here any further, but I still hope that our little friend can come pay us a visit at our Carefree Valley more often as a guest.”

    Immediately upon saying that, he quickly pushed something into Qing Yu’s hand at lightning speed. And just like the way he had appeared, he then disappeared soundlessly without any trace.

    Qing Yu was stunned for a moment as she blinked her eyes in bewilderment, and she saw that there was a strange spherical green jade stone in her hand. Upon the stone, the character “punishment” was carved intricately on it.

    “This is…..”

    Others might not recognize that item, but Yan Jue knew very clearly what it was, and he could not help but feel a corner of his mouth twitch. “What kind of an affliction had struck the Uncle Master’s brain recently? How can he possibly give away something like that…..”

    “What is that thing?” A Heavenly Grade assassin who was standing closer to Yan Jue asked in puzzlement.

    “That is the Heaven Punishment Hall’s Hall Chief’s Command Token. Have all of you forgotten? Although the Uncle Master is always acting eccentric and unpredictable, he is still the head of the Carefree Valley’s Five Great Hall Chiefs. The holder of that Heaven Punishment Command Token is able to command at least half the disciples in Carefree Valley and its authourity is only beneath that of the Assassins Temple.”

    Yan Jue explained to the man and his gaze then turned to look at Qing Yu. “For the young lady to be able to gain our Uncle Master’s favour so much, you must possess some highly exceptional qualities.”

    Holding the Heaven Punishment Token that supposedly holds such great authourity, Qing Yu felt as if it was just one hot potato in her hands. Her brows knitted together as she said: “This item here, may I implore your esteemed self to help me return it to your Uncle Master? I…..”

    “The young miss does not need to refuse the gift. Since our Uncle Master has given the Heaven Punishment Command Token to you, he definitely trusts you enough to hold possession of it. The young miss will henceforth always be a guest to the Carefree Valley and with that command token, you will be able to come and go as you please throughout the entire Carefree Valley.” Yan Jue said with a soft laugh.