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Chapter 202.3 - So Lucky Like Life Was Hacked

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 202.3: So Lucky Like Life Was Hacked

    Everyone there could not help but start to wonder.

    [Just how lucky can that young lady possibly be? To think that she had won the right to come and go as she pleased in Carefree Valley just like that.]

    [Moreover, isn’t she a member of the Faint Mist Sect? Those two sects were always at loggerheads with each other, isn’t the Carefree Valley afraid that she will come in to spy on any of their secrets? All of this is really puzzling no matter which way one looked at it.]

    Hearing what the man said, Qing Yu could only keep the token away properly. [She will return it to that senior when she has the chance!]

    “Will everyone please come with me?”

    It was a completely different scene at the bottom of the cliff, a sea of green with all kinds of lush greenery. Winter had not passed but it was different here from the biting cold at Faint Mist Sect. It was instead gently warm in here, picturesque with mountains and waterfalls, the scenery highly soothing and pleasant, a stark contrast from their inhabitants who were famed to be cold dark assassins.

    Over on the Faint Mist Sect’s group of disciples, Mu Lai and Ming Yi Yi kept together with Qing Yu and the several others they were familiar with back in the sect.

    “Little junior girl, you’re really good you know? Never has there ever been a precedent where a disciple of the Faint Mist Sect is able to come and go at will into the Carefree Valley. Everyone knows that the Carefree Valley has always been highly secretive with their lair and they have never allowed any outsider to set foot inside.”

    The one who spoke was that effeminate looking man from the Deviant Department. [She had gone missing for two whole days and this fella had not even noticed a thing. What a heartless creature he is.]

    Qing Yu merely smiled and did not say anything.

    “How are you feeling? Are you really feeling alright now?” Mu Lai stretched her hand out seeking to hold the young lady on her shoulder, but ended up clasping nothing but air.

    The man who had kept himself at a set distance behind Qing Yu all this time held the young lady’s arm and pulled her away from the other young woman. Catching the young woman looking at him, the man then smiled slightly and opened his mouth to explain: “The wound on her back has not fully healed. Be careful to not touch her there.”

    Mu Lai was subconsciously startled, her brows raising up in surprise. She had not looked at him that closely before this. [The man’s eyes….. When did they turn black?]

    Qing Yu felt a little helpless. She flung the man’s hand off her arm and raised her eyes to look at him. “I am fine. You do not need to so anxious about it.”

    A slightly unfriendly smile crooked up at the ends of Lou Jun Yao’s lips. “Do not go two meters out from my line of sight.”

    “…..” [Had she become so unworthy of trust now?]

    Because Lou Lan Zhi had some tasks he had to deal with, he would come here a little later. Su Li Mo was standing together with Ming Jing and he was watching the tall purple robed figure as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Who is that man? Why does it seem like I have never seen him beofore?”

    Ming Jing then replied indifferently. “Neither have I ever seen him.”

    A soft tug was felt pulling at a corner of his robes and Su Li Mo lowered his head to look. He saw a young skinny little youth looking up at him with his head raised up, his face a little abashed as the boy looked at him. The boy then said in a weak voice: “Fifth Senior.”

    “Xing Tong?”