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Chapter 202.4 - So Lucky Like Life Was Hacked

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Su Li Mo raised his eyebrows in surprise as the little youth was really so small in size. As a tall guy, looking down at him like that was really rather tiring, hence he decided he might as well just pick the small sized youth up and carry him in the crook of his elbow. “What is it? You miss your fifth senior or has that bunch of scoundrels been bullying you again?”

    Xing Tong’s cheeks turned slightly red as he shook his head.

    The Faint Mist Sect’s top five ranked disciples had always been on especially good terms with each other and Su Li Mo was fifth in rank, always running over to the Deviant Department to look for the others. Over time, he also became familiar with the people in the Deviant Department.

    Xing Tong had then started to address him as Fifth Senior, the skinny little fella a rather obedient and innocent boy that Su Li Mo had become rather fond of. At times when the others in the Deviant Department made fun of the little youth, Su Li Mo would also stand up for him, so Xing Tong liked and respected this senior fellow disciple quite a bit as well.

    “Fifth Senior, that man is one of the Deviant Department’s teachers. He is a highly skilled Seven Star grade teacher of ours, and his name is Lou Bai Qian.” Xing Tong said earnestly, helping Su Li Mo to clear up his puzzlement.

    Su Li Mo was taken aback. “A Seven Star grade teacher?”

    “Mm. I heard that he was recommended by the Sect Leader himself. The man is really very highly capable. I am unable to see through him at all.” Xing Tong said with a wary glance towards the purple robed figure.

    The man was clearly always seemingly so smiley and amiable, but one just could not help but feel a little terrified of him. Especially that pair of eyes of his, one was just unable to look straight into them.

    Hearing the boy’s words, Su Li Mo was even more puzzled. “Really? Why have I never heard about a person like that before…..”

    But before he could think any further about it, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted. They had reached deep into the mountain valley and they were going to cross an iron chain bridge. Right below that bridge, countless ghosts and monstrous spirits were hidden, and one might be dragged down into the depths in a moment’s distraction.

    It was said that a great number of people had not made it across the bridge.

    The iron chain bridge was not very long, roughly about three to four meters in length, but that journey was by no means short under such conditions.

    Moreover, the planks on the bridge looked to be rather aged, seemingly old and tattered. The bridge’s chains swayed under the gusty wind, looking highly dangerous.

    “Right after this bridge, will be the Carefree Valley’s main gates.” Yan Jue said to everyone with a faint smile. “This bridge had already existed before the founding of the Carefree Valley Sect itself and is said to be close to a hundred years old. Only one person may cross at one time, and that person must make it across within ten heartbeats, or the monsters beneath the bridge will come surging up.”

    Upon finishing his words, he tapped the tip of his feet and the red figure was upon the bridge in the next instant, moving like a fleeting shadow and reaching the other side in a blink. The entire process had been incredibly quick, over the span of three heartbeats at most, an astounding feat to see.

    The several tens Heaven Grade assassins followed quickly right after, fleeting across one after another, and none of them had taken more than seven heartbeats.

    And throughout that entire process, besides just a slight sway, the iron chain bridge quickly fell quiet once more. It did not rock all that much which showed how much more superior their lightfoot skills really were.

    “It doesn’t seem all that difficult. Let me give it a try.” A stout and well muscled man slowly stepped onto the bridge.