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Chapter 203.2 - The Assassin Headquarters, Carefree Valley

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 203.2: The Assassin Headquarters, Carefree Valley

    The young youth nodded and then lifted his smooth skinned face with its exquisite features. He was no longer afraid of people seeing the mark on his face and that was all because of this person before him. She had shown him great warmth and opened his mind, making him feel highly confident of himself.

    “Big Sis Qing Yu, I will get that done.”

    The young youth’s voice was filled with resolve as he spoke, and he then took a few steps forward. He stretched a small hand out and a mystifying force formed in his palm before it went surging down into the seemingly bottomless pit below the iron chain bridge.

    A moment passed and it seemed as though it had turned peacefully quiet in an instant, where the people could no longer hear any noise. The two people on the bridge fainted away from exhaustion but it looked as if they were otherwise fine, suffering only a fright.

    The people from the Limitless Sect then immediately moved to go carry those two people off the bridge.

    “Everyone had better hurry on over right now. The stability on the bridge will last only for an half hour at most and there are so many of us here, so let’s not waste any time.” Qing Yu opened her mouth to say.

    But they were all probably shocked by what had happened to those two people earlier and no one dared to be careless anymore. Upon hearing Qing Yu’s urging, they all quickly made their way across, almost flying over the iron chain bridge.

    “Xing Tong has grown more adept at controlling you powers. You’re so good at it now.” Qing Yu praised the young youth with a smile on her face.

    The young youth bit on his lip, feeling rather embarrassed, but did not say anything. But one could easily see the undisguised happiness showing on his face.

    He was still like a little child, easily happy and contented upon hearing just a single word of praise.

    Everyone remained safe and sound this time round as well, having crossed over the iron chain bridge where nine out of ten people would usually be injured. Things were going unbelievably smooth for all of them and the Carefree Valley’s attempt to intimidate the other two sects was failing miserably.

    For the people who were taking part in the Friendship Meet, some of them had come to the Carefree Valley to see whether the infamous Cliff of Death was truly that terrifying, while some others had chosen to take a time saving shortcut into the place.

    The latter group took a completely different route. They had come to the Carefree Valley through a special teleportation portal. Among this group of people, were Yan Ning Luo, Lian Shao Jie, Xuanyuan Che and several other people. Because they came here through the teleportation portal, they actually reached the inside earlier than the other group who came to the Carefree Valley earlier.

    At that moment, they were already seated and waiting for the other group in the Carefree Valley’s guest hall.

    “Look at all the assassins from the Carefree Valley, everyone of them are wearing masks regardless whether they are male or female. Even the servants serving tea have their faces veiled. Just how ugly looking can they be?” Lian Shao Jie tilted his head towards Xuanyuan Che, and said jokingly.