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Chapter 203.4 - The Assassin Headquarters, Carefree Valley

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 203.4: The Assassin Headquarters, Carefree Valley

    “Ah Zhan did manage to bring the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus back the last time right?” Feng Qi asked.

    Yi Han nodded. “That’s right, and it now kept in the lotus pond behind the bamboo house in perfect condition.

    “People from the other side had come to ask about it but Ah Zhan told them he did not see the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus. What does that even mean?” Feng Qi’s brows furrowed in puzzlement. “Is he regretting it now and does not want to hand the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus over to them?”

    Yi Han shook his head, indicating that he does not know as well.


    After diffusing the danger twice in two obstacles, they did not encounter anything else but came to reach the Carefree Valley’s guest hall.

    Because the Carefree Valley was nestled among the mountains, the materials used for their houses were mainly stone and bamboo. It made everything look unconventional and refreshingly new, causing everyone’s eyes to light up.

    “It must have been an arduous journey for our guests who came such a long way. Please come in and have a seat to get some rest!” Yan Jue gestured invitingly with a smile. “The Valley Chief will arrive in a moment.”

    Qing Yu found herself a seat at the corner and sat down, which was coincidentally nearer to her and was quieter.

    There were two empty seats beside and Lou Jun Yao went on to sit down beside her while Mu Lai took up the seat on the other side. Qing Bei who had not seen his elder sister for days was not even able to get close before finding himself being squeezed out from both sides. There was no need to mention how aggrieved he felt when he had no choice but to go silently sit at the next table.

    Qing Yu shook her head helplessly and gave the youth a comforting smile, signalling that they’ll talk later when there was a chance.

    She had just settled into her seat when she felt a rather familiar gaze was fixed on her. She raised her eyes up to look and saw that it was one that she had not seen for quite some time, Yan Ning Luo.

    She had seen the woman quite often back at the Deviant Department but ever since the time that she accidentally overheard the woman confess her feelings to Qing Ye Li and was rejected, she had not seen that woman come again.

    Qing Yu was thinking, that the fella Little Ye had never known how to treat a lady right and be gentle with them, and Yan Ning Luo had probably given up after having been rejected.

    But upon seeing that indecipherable look in the woman’s eyes that were staring right at her now, she did not see any tranquility nor peace, but saw a scary dark surge rising in them.

    Qing Yu curved up the ends of her lips, and turned her eyes away.

    “The Valley Chief arrives!”

    With that announcement sounding outside the door, a tall figure came walking in slowly among the people.

    A middle aged man about forty years of age, dressed in a long light green robe. He wasn’t that young a man anymore, and could see a certain kind of wise and mature charm from his face, and when he did not smile, he exuded a certain forbidding air naturally.

    His footsteps were exceptionally firm and steady as he walked towards the seat on the elevated platform. His face then broke into a slow smile. “It’s the day of the Three Great Sects’ Friendship Meet Once again and it is being held in the Carefree Valley this year, which is such a great honour for us. I hope to be able to strengthen the friendship among our Three Great Sects through our Friendship Meet this year and may this friendship last much longer!”