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Chapter 204.1 - Teammates Like A Bunch of Pigs

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 204.1: Teammates Like A Bunch of Pigs

    Upon hearing those words, everyone raised their cups and murmured politely.

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. [You really can’t judge a book by its cover. She would have thought that the Valley Chief of the Carefree Valley, as the head of so many assassins and killers in the Carefree Valley, would be a fierce and fiendish looking man who exuded a highly murderous aura!]

    [Never had she thought that he would be so presentable looking, where he could be easily mistaken as any regular businessman out there, graceful and suave. Nobody would really believe that he was actually the leader of a whole horde of assassins.

    The word outside about this Valley Chief of the Carefree Valley, wasn’t really that great. It was said that he was a treacherous and ruthless man, highly shrewd and sly. Seemed like a person’s looks could really be deceiving.

    “What? You’re interested in that person?” The man right beside her asked with a soft laugh.

    Qing Yu curved up the corners of her lips and shook her head. “I merely seem to be unable to sense the slightest hint of killer’s instinct in that man. He looks a lot more like a regular person who does not possess any cultivated powers at all.”

    Lou Jun Yao was a little surprised as he looked at her and then went on to say: “You’ve actually hit the nail right on its head this time. The Carefree Valley’s Valley Chief is indeed just a regular person with absolutely no powers.”

    “How is that possible?” Qing Yu blinked her eyes incredulously. “Then….. Then how did he come to be able to take on the position of the Valley Chief?”

    With no powers of cultivation, if anyone came to harbour any insidious thoughts against him, wouldn’t he be completely defenceless?

    Seeming to understand the doubts in her mind, Lou Jun Yao went on to open his mouth to explain: “Besides the mysterious Assassins Temple, do you know what the Carefree Valley is most famous for?”


    “Besides the Assassins Temple, the other most talked about thing by people are the Four Demon Ghosts who are never away from the Carefree Valley’s Valley Chief, Ji Yan Long’s side. It is said that the powers those people possess are so powerful that it surpasses what the Constellation Lands can withstand. They are always at Ji Yan Long’s side, protecting the man, watching at a distance even when he is asleep. Hence, anyone who seeks to sneak up to harm him will never be given a chance to strike.”

    “Why would the Four Demon Ghosts be so loyal to him? How is the Carefree Valley’s Valley Chief able to tame them so completely?” Qing Yu asked in bewilderment.

    Lou Jun Yao looked at the young lady and his eyes changed subtly. It was only a while later that he opened his mouth to say: “Although Ji Yan Long does not possess any cultivated powers, he has an incredibly shrewd and astute mind, and a highly heaven defying ability. He is able to return a dead soul to life, by implanting it into a live person’s body. This method is safer and more secure than forcibly taking over, as there will be no side effects, by pure and simple replacement, living once again by assuming another person’s identity.”

    Having spoken up to that point, he suddenly paused a moment. “And it is that amazing ability that led Ji Yan Long to befriend people with all sorts of extraordinary talents and skills, and be willing to work under him, as the man’s unique ability is as good as them having two lives. The Four Demon Ghosts are actually already dead souls resurrected in live people’s bodies.”