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Chapter 204.2 - Teammates Like A Bunch of Pigs

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 204.2: Teammates Like A Bunch of Pigs

    Hearing that, Qing Yu knitted her brows, her expression darkening. Without knowing why, she suddenly thought of Qing Tian Lin. [Just how….. was he resurrected? Could it have something to do with this Carefree Valley’s Valley Chief?]

    “I heard that the Faint Mist Sect recruited quite a number of outstanding talents during their recruitment trials this year, and they even got an all element wielder during the test. I wonder if that prodigy is here today?” Ji Yan Long’s voice was warm and gentle, smiling as he delivered the words.

    Hearing those words, Qing Yu had not even yet opened her mouth when Yan Jue said from a distance away: “Valley Chief might not be aware of this, but when I came to hear about that, I was honestly highly astounded by it. To think that that prodigious all element wielder is actually a very young lady.”

    “Oh?” Ji Yan Long raised an eyebrow in surprise, his gaze subconsciously turning scan over the area where the Faint Mist Sect’s disciples were seated.

    Upon seeing that, Qing Yu had no choice but to stand herself up, and bowed her head slightly. “Greetings to the Valley Chief.”

    Ji Yan Long stared at the young lady with such an exquisitely beautiful countenance, his expression a little taken aback. It seemed like he had never thought that the rumoured all element wielder would be such an outrageously beautiful looking little lass.

    But he was stunned only for an instant, returning back to his senses very quickly. He then nodded with a smile on his face and said: “I can see that you’re such an intelligent child with just one look. The Faint Mist Sect is truly fortunate.”

    Those words clearly sounded like they were just said out of politeness, like he himself did not really believe them all that much. Qing Yu merely curved up the ends of her lips and did not respond to the man, sitting back down after having greeted the host.

    While everyone was murmuring in conversation, the sound of footsteps could be heard approaching from outside the doors.

    In the lead was a tall and lean figured man in black robes, with an exceptionally outstanding looking countenance. His eyes long narrow like a crimson phoenix, his thin lips captivating, extremely good looking facial features. A fingernail sized blossom that was dark as ink marked a corner right below his eye, the flower petals blooming in multiple layers, looking exceptionally enchanting, which added a sort of devilish air to that handsome countenance.

    Two men trailed right behind the first, one good looking and heroic looking, the other brawny and muscular, standing on the left and right just slightly behind the black robed man, looking like his loyal protectors.

    It could be because of his exceptional senses, as Xi Zhan Chen immediately saw that familiar figure the moment he came in. His gaze stared fixedly at the young lady who was dressed in a pale purple dress, a striking contrast against her snowy fair skin, her tiny face captivating and alluring.

    Seeming to have noticed his gaze upon her, the young lady slowly turned to look towards him, where she even smiled when she saw him.

    Xi Zhan Chen’s heart thumped, and he could not help but wonder when did she regain consciousness, and whether she had recovered from her injuries.