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Chapter 204.4 - Teammates Like A Bunch of Pigs

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 204.4: Teammates Like A Bunch of Pigs

    It was during that moment of quiet that a disciple among the Faint Mist Sect’s seats stared at Xi Zhan Chen for a good while before suddenly he suddenly opened his mouth to say: “Might I ask what is the name of this esteemed gentleman?”

    Xi Zhan Chen did not reply but just looked at the person indifferently.

    Everyone was a little confused. What was that person asking the Assassins Temple’s Temple Chief for his name for? Although it wasn’t entirely unreasonable for him to do that, it was still rather puzzling.

    When the Faint Mist Sect’s disciple saw that the man was ignoring him, he did not become angry but said with a smile: “The greatest assassin throughout the lands Xi Zhan Chen, nicknamed the Soul Reaper, able to have a man die in his dreams without anyone knowing, their faces contorted in horror as their souls depart from their bodies. It is said that only dead people have ever seen what he looks like but for one single unfortunate coincidence, where the assassination attempt was discovered by someone. He had just managed to escape but he was supposedly crippled for life in the end.”

    [What is the person trying to say?]

    He did not make everyone wait for long as the man continued on to say: “The person who witnessed the assassination did not manage to see what the assassin looked like too clearly but he saw a highly prominent mark on his face, which was a black blossom just under the corner of his left eye.”

    [A black blossom…..]

    [And under the corner of the man’s eye, is really a blossoming bloom.]

    [Could it be….. that this man is really the divine level assassin of legend?]

    It must be known that though this divine level assassin was someone that people greatly revered and worshipped, his hands had come to be tainted with the blood of too many people of power and authourity.

    Xi Zhan Chen’s bounty on the most wanted list was a cool ten million in gold and if anyone were to get their hands on that, they would be able to live worry free for the rest of their lives, even if they were to squander their money every single day.

    Feng Qi immediately looked at the crowd warily, as if he was fearful that they might ambush Xi Zhan Chen at any moment.

    With so much already said, it wouldn’t exactly be nice if Xi Zhan Chen still did not say anything to establish his stand on the matter. So went on to look emotionlessly at the person and stated: “So what if that’s true?”

    His reaction was really just too calm for words like he was not worried in the least with being recognized.

    It was exactly that infuriating calm demeanor that got gnawed at people, irritating them. The Faint Mist Sect’s disciple gave a scoffing laugh: “Nothing much, but I am just curious to see if I should spread the word that you are hidden here in the Carefree Valley, as that might make the Carefree Valley much more rowdy.”

    “Before that, you have to ascertain that you still have possession of your life.” Lou Jun Yao then said nonchalantly.

    Qing Yu beside him could not even be bothered to say anything.

    So it seemed like the Faint Mist Sect would actually have such a foolish fella to come blatantly taunt and challenge a person in their own territory. [Does he really not fear death or does he think that the Carefree Valley, a place that specializes in nurturing cold blooded and heartless assassins was just a joke?]

    [That foolish brain on him has really dragged everyone down.]