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Chapter 205.2 - First Disagreeable Word and Teasing Starts

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 205.2: First Disagreeable Word and Teasing Starts

    Ji Yan Long smiled and nodded his head. “That is naturally understandable. Just forget it since it is just a misunderstanding. If the relationship between our two great sects turns sour because of such a small matter, both sides would only stand to lose with nothing to gain.”

    SInce the Valley Chief had given the Faint Mist Sect a way out, Yan Jue knew that he could not pursue it any further. His face was dark as he thought to himself: [The one who dared to disrespect the Chief, he was not going to spare him.]

    [He’s already here within the Carefree Valley, so even if he did not leave his life here, he would at least have to leave a few layers of his skin behind to make him remember this. That will make him realize just how insignificant the weight he carries really is, and to not think he is all that great just because he is a member of the Faint Mist Sect.]

    “Forgive us for the affront.” Su Li Mo then said as he bowed his head slightly towards the expressionless Xi Zhan Chen.

    Xi Zhan Chen’s tone of voice was indifferent. “It’s nothing. I never did care about such things at all.”

    The sudden dangerous atmosphere just now immediately dissipated and it felt a little awkward for a moment. Especially for the spectating Limitless Sect, who did not know whether they should act as if they did not understand what they just heard or to pretend they did not even hear anything.

    “In that case, I implore for everyone to first rest and reorganize yourselves, to refresh and hone your energies. Once the mist around the Fleeting Cloud Fortress has dispersed, we will then make our way up.”

    Ji Yan Long then gave a few instructions to the servants waiting at his side before he said to everyone: “Everyone can go rest for awhile in the guests rooms that have been prepared for you, and when it is time, I will send my people to go inform everyone.”

    The Fleeting Cloud Fortress was one of the wondrous sights in the Constellation Lands and it was the most mysterious place in the entire Carefree Valley. The place was constantly surrounded by swirling mist that would not disperse, only revealing itself when night fell. It had a stairway that had more than ten thousand steps, stretching so far that the end could not be seen.

    It was said that it was a palace an almighty entity from far ancient times magically conjured up with divine powers, and the place contained countless strange and mysterious secret martial arts manuals. If anyone were to be fortunate enough to gain the legacy of that almighty entity, they must surely be luck and fortune accumulated over the person’s several past lives.

    Qing Yu closed her eyes and sat in a half lotus position on the bed. The tips of her ears pricked up and she heard the faint and almost undetectable sound of footsteps outside the door. The clear and melodious voice that had a robust texture to it then sounded, calling out gently. “Qing Yu.”

    She opened her eyes, feeling a little bewildered, but she still climbed off the bed and went to open the door. A lean black robed figure stood outside, and upon seeing her behind the door, his beautiful eyes seemed to flash briefly with a bright glint.

    “Why have you come?’ The corners of Qing Yu’s lips lifted up slightly, as she went on to ask with a smile.

    Xi Zhan Chen’s measuring gaze swept over her from head to toe quickly, before he immediately asked: “How are your injuries? Have you recovered?”

    [That would not happen so quickly. She was in so much pain she immediately fell into a dead faint that day, so her injuries could not have been light.]