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Chapter 205.3 - First Disagreeable Word and Teasing Starts

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 205.3: First Disagreeable Word and Teasing Starts

    Hearing his highly concerned words, Qing Yu was taken aback a moment before she smiled slightly and shook her head. “I am fine now.”

    Xi Zhan Chen was silent for awhile before he suddenly asked in a low whisper: “Back then, why did you go block that strike for me?”

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and looked at the man. “Speaking of that, I would really like to ask you. You intentionally went to aggravate that dark zombie to draw its attention onto yourself. Were you trying to give me a chance to run away at the cost of your own life?”

    Xi Zhan Chen hesitated a moment before he acknowledged with a soft “Mm.”

    “Why? We were merely two strangers who met in passing that day. Or were you always so righteous and valiant t raise your sword to help others all along?” Qing Yu could not help but smile and ask.

    “Only with you.” Xi Zhan Chen’s eyes narrowed. “Moreover, you saved my life once before, so that makes you my saviour.”

    [They were not just strangers who had met for the first time.]

    At least that was the case for him, where he could feel right in his bones a familiarity towards her, like they had known each other for many years. Moreover, to him, she was a very important existence, like she existed in a memory that he had lost before.

    “You do not need to feel like you owe me anything. Everything is determined by fate and karma. You were destined to encounter this tribulation and meant to meet me to help you avert the crisis. It’s all predestined.” Qing Yu opened her mouth to say.

    Xi Zhan Chen twitched a corner of his mouth. “Maybe…..”

    She did not know whether she was imagining things, but she just could not help feeling that Xi Zhan Chen’s words were hiding a deeper meaning behind them, as they seemed to be filled with a twinge of helplessness.

    Just as the two of them fell silent, the door next door was suddenly opened.

    Lou Jun Yao came walking out from inside, and when he saw Xi Zhan Chen, he did not show the slightest ripple of emotion on his face, like he was completely unsurprised as he turned to glance at Qing Yu. “Come over to take your medicine.”

    The expression on Qing Yu who still had a smile hanging from the corners of her lips suddenly froze. “Haven’t I already recovered?”

    “Before the wound heals fully, you have to take your medicine every day. Hurry up and come.” Lou Jun Yao then just turned around and immediately went into his room upon finishing that statement.

    Qing Yu’s face was highly aggrieved and the young lady who had always placed great emphasis on manners and etiquette did not even offer a parting word to the man still standing before her as she shuffled her way into the room next door begrudgingly

    Xi Zhan Chen’s eyes unconsciously narrowed, and his hands under his sleeves clenched up tightly into fists.

    In the room next door, Qing Yu who had been prepared to die a martyr, to bravely face her doom did not come to see any trace of the horrifying medicinal brew in there. She sniffed her nose to check and did not detect any scent of herbs or medicine around.

    She was immediately puzzled as she asked: “Didn’t you say I need to take my medicine?”

    “I lied.”

    The man’s tall figure was seated by the low table, his well defined and beautiful looking fingers lifting up the teapot to pour out a cup of tea. A cloud of steam rose lazily, fogging up the man’s handsomely exquisite countenance which seemed to reduce the devilishness by a notch, and added a tinge of warm tenderness instead.