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Chapter 205.4 - First Disagreeable Word and Teasing Starts

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 205.4: First Disagreeable Word and Teasing Starts

    He had just said those words when Qing Yu was stunned into a daze for a while. It was only when she came back to her senses that she asked him: “You lied?”

    [What is she not able to understand what he is saying?]

    Lou Jun Yao took a light sip of his tea before he came to say slowly: “With that Xi Zhan Chen, you must remember to keep your distance from him. Even if he comes to ingratiate himself with you, do not foolishly just believe everything he says.”

    Qing Yu was a little surprised. Never has she thought that he would be talking about that. She could not hope but to go sit down across from him and ask: “Are you saying that because you know something?”

    Lou Jun Yao just smiled and did not say anything, as he calmly finished his cup of tea. Qing Yu was still patiently waiting for him to say something more but even after a long while, he did not say anything to explain further.

    Qing Yu was immediately feeling a little exasperated. “What do you mean by cutting yourself off halfway like that?”

    “Some things wouldn’t be so meaningful anymore if it is spelt out too clearly. It is better to let you find out for yourself which would give a better sense of achievement.” Lou Jun Yao went on to reply.

    “I do not want to find out for myself. Can’t you just tell me?” Qing Yu raised an eyebrow to look at her, a little displeased.

    “You want me to spell it out for you?” Lou Jun Yao curved up the ends of his lips, looking at her with a faint and almost imperceptible smile. As they were alone, the colour of his eyes was not altered with illusory techniques and the violet orbs were like precious stones filled with endless stars, intoxicating just looking at them.

    Although that was already such a familiar sight, already used to seeing the uniquely handsome face of the man exceptionally favoured by the gods, Qing Yu’s heart still could not help but be drawn towards him a moment.

    A twitch then formed at the corner of her mouth and she was speechless with herself for a moment. “Why are you looking at me like that….. Are you trying to seduce an innocent young maiden to commit a crime or what? Unfortunately for you my willpower is strong enough, so I will not waver and fall for your bewitching spell.”

    “Is that so?” Lou Jun Yao was tickled into laughter by the stoic and serious demeanor on her face and he then stuck his face in closer towards her, his warm breath brushing over her cheek, which felt a little ticklish.

    Subconsciously, she tried to lean her head away from him, trying to put some distance between them, but she then heard his low magnetic voice say: “Little fox, you’re just an innocent young maiden? Hmm?”

    If one listened closely, one would detect a tinge of mirth in his voice, like he was making fun of her. Qing Yu was immediately a little infuriated and she turned her head back fiercely. “In what way am I not…..”

    Time stopped in that instant.

    The unfinished words suddenly halted just like that, disappearing when she touched something warm.

    Lou Jun Yao’s irises contracted, where it was clear he had not expected that she would turn around so suddenly as well, to have her soft luscious lips stick right smack onto his.

    Except for the time when he fed her medicine while she was unconscious, the two of them had never had such an intimate moment, especially while she was conscious. This was completely unprecedented, their very first time.

    There was a faint fragrance on the young lady’s body, not the scent of rouge or cosmetics, but a most natural kind of fragrance, mixed with a unique and refreshingly subtle smell of herbs. All that mixed together, not only was the smell not unpleasant, it instead made a person can’t help but want to get closer to her.