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Chapter 206.1 - Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 206.1: Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

    The young lady’s flawlessly exquisite face was so close to him, enabling him to see it even more clearly just how smooth and fair her complexion really was, soft and tender like a freshly peeled egg, alluring and radiant.

    It was initially just an accidental bump into each other, but the two of them just froze in place, their eyes wide as they stared, so stunned that they were not able to react at all for a very long while.

    The man’s devilishly mesmerizing violet irises deepened. [Has the little one lost her mind? She’s just remaining there still stuck to him and not moving away. So….. is she playing with fire and trying to seduce him?]

    Initially, as they got more familiar and closer to each other, something in his heart was already subtly changing. In the beginning he had just found her to be interesting and seeing how talented she was, he had made exceptions for her repeatedly, appearing by her side to help her resolve the difficulties she encountered many times.

    Protecting her, not allowing anyone to inflict any harm onto her, because he came to discover that it stung his eyes badly whenever he saw the lass hurt.

    Hence, clearly knowing that his own body’s constitution was unique, where he cannot afford to carelessly not get injured, he still went ahead to help the young lady get rid of the pain on her behalf, even though he would feel like he had been severely beaten up by someone, suffering pain that was almost worse than death after he gets injured, that would take a very long time for him to recover from.

    But to be able to see the lass alive and well again, how did all that matter?

    Only the Heavens knew how fearful he was of seeing her lie on the bed without moving an inch, looking so lifeless. Whenever she had fallen unconscious into a coma, her body would break out in cold sweat, her breath become weak and frail, like she might just die at any moment. Hence at those moments, he would stay to keep a tight watch over her, not daring to step away, fearing that she might just not wake up from her sleep.

    Bai Zhi Yan was always teasing him, whether he harboured insidious designs towards the young lady, and when did he start to develop such thoughts towards the lass?

    Alas, the human heart, was so inexplicably complicated….. Who could really accurately say how the heart worked?

    But the thing he could be certain of was that this young lady before him was someone very different. He had lived for over two hundred years and had seen people in all kinds of shapes and sizes. No one had been able to draw his eye at all, and no one had ever made him feel this way.

    Like, someone he would like to have by his side forever.

    In that moment, as if unfathomable cosmic forces were at work, just as the young lady snapped back to her senses and wanted to move away from the man, he suddenly stretched a hand out and clasped her tightly in an embrace, and the lips that had parted just barely a mere moment ago were strongly pressed together once more.

    At such close proximity, it could be seen in the young lady’s beautiful phoenix like eyes, a sudden widening of her irises from shock and astoundment, together with helpless fluster.

    [Tsk, little one, you delivered yourself up to the door and you’re thinking of running away now? Don’t even think about it!]

    Qing Yu was only able to stare with her eyes widened, her mind a complete blank. The slight sensation of pain was felt on her lips as the man’s lips recklessly gnawed invasively, tyrannical and not to be refused.