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Chapter 206.2 - Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 206.2: Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

    [What….. is this fella doing?]

    [If she isn’t understanding this wrongly, he’s kissing her?]

    [But….. when did their relationship come to be on such familiar terms till they could do something so intimate?]

    It was not until the man wantonly invaded onto her lips that Qing Yu then came to regain her senses. Her eyes misted over slightly, looking indescribably enchanting.

    Seeing the young lady’s slightly dazed expression Lou Jun Yao then laughed softly, the thumping under her chest exhilarating to feel, the young lady indolent and mesmerizing to see. He suddenly lowered his head to peck lightly at the lips that had turned lusciously rosy from the earlier kiss, his voice edged with a slight raspiness as he said: “If you want to kiss me next time, you do not have to be so sneaky about it. I will not resist and am willing to let you have your way with me.”

    Qing Yu was absolutely speechless. “…..”

    [When had she wanted to do this to him? And she had been sneaky? ?]

    [Can this man be anymore more shameless? He had clearly shamelessly taken liberties with her and he could actually still utter such nonsense now? !]

    [The saying of old had really been right. Shameless people are invincible!]

    Qing Yu gave him a mirthless smile as she broke free from under his arms and then said in a highly rational tone: “I will take it that you forgot to take your medicine today and lost your mind, and will not hold it against you as I still have need of your help afterall. But the next time you go mad and want to bite someone again, remember to tell me. You will be fine with a few pricks of the needle from me. And you do not have to worry about that, as seeing that we’re friends, I will not charge you a single cent.”

    Lou Jun Yao was a little taken aback. He had thought that the young lady would react like she did before, either to explode right on the spot, or become indignant from humiliation and look like she was going to kill him with a ferocious gaze, or to keep her anger inside and give him the cold shoulder for several days….. Never had he thought that she could still be so calm! ?

    But, those words still showed that her anger was not slight at all.

    Lou Jun Yao lowered his eyes and laughed softly. “Since you have need of my help, there has to be some form of remuneration. But with the kind of relationship we have between us, things like money and material things are too cheap to mention, so…..”

    “Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “So what?”

    [Just seeing the expression on that fella’s face and she knew that nothing nice was going to come out of that mouth. And….. just what kind of a relationship did they have? He made it sound so unclear and intimate, is he asking for a beating?]

    “Mm….. The next time I go mad and want to bite people, you do not have to waste the effort with your needles. Might as well just sacrifice yourself!” Lou Jun Yao said as he blinked his eyes, his demeanor deadpan earnest.

    Qing Yu could not find the words to say right at that moment. “…..”

    [What does that mean? Sacrifice herself? ?]

    She just could not make herself react in that instant, but then suddenly linked his words to what she had just said and recalled the shameless deed he had just committed before she almost wanted to burst out laughing from exasperation.

    “Lou Jun Yao.” She suddenly called out his name in a tender soothing voice, her lips curling up at the corners.