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Chapter 206.3 - Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 206.3: Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

    She had been cold and detached just a moment ago and had suddenly turned to become so warm and gentle. Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow in surprise, not knowing what kind of a scheme the young lady was hatching in her mind.

    He then saw a smile slowly bloom like a flower upon those lips. The person who could not wait to get away from him was at that moment actually leaning in close to him, her phoenix like eyes seductive and her voice titillating, her beautiful face strumming the chords in his heart with that smile, every movement she made so enticing.

    Truly a demoness born to seduce people.

    Her lips parted slightly and she asked slowly in a captivating voice: “Have you fallen for me?”

    The expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face became hesitant, never expecting that she would ask that, which caught him completely off guard.

    He narrowed his eyes and did not answer her directly, but merely laughed softly as he pulled the distance between the two of them even closer, their foreheads almost going to touch. “What do you think?”

    The mysterious vortex swirling within those violet orbs could almost suck a person’s soul right into them. In the end, Qing Yu was unable to stand up against the devil who had lived for more than two hundred years. As he spoke, his thin lips seemed like they were almost going to kiss her as he slowly leaned in closer and closer. It seems he was making it a habit of taking liberties with her.

    Qing Yu drew in a deep breath and pushed back against the man’s chest with one hand, putting some distance between themselves, her head turning away to one side as she tried to calm down the emotions surging up inside from the man’s sudden kiss.

    Lou Jun Yao rested his chin on the palm of one hand as he tilted his head to stare fixedly at her, a happy smile hanging from his lips.

    [Had he been too rough just now and had given the little one too big a fright?]

    [Mm. Things like this must be taken slowly, or it would be disastrous if he came cause her to dislike him.]

    The sky was turning dark and it was almost time to go to the Fleeting Cloud Fortress.

    “Xi Zhan Chen went to look for that prodigious young lady from the Faint Mist Sect?”

    Hearing the report from a subordinate, Ji Yan Long laughed, feeling rather amused. “He was never prone to showing such feelings, never interested in worldly affairs. Except when he’s out on a mission, he would always remain in that bamboo house and would not take a single step outside. So what could be the reason for him to take such actions this time?”

    “I heard that the young lady possesses a flawless countenance, a true rare beauty and also a prodigious all element wielder, so she is naturally extraordinary. Maybe it is because she is so different from others that made him pay her so much attention.”The subordinate behind him then ventured a guess on his own.

    Ji Yan Long’s face smiled meaningfully and he then shook his head lightly. “Xi Zhan Chen is a very strange man. From the day that I brought him back here, he had then decided on his own to establish the Assassins Temple. I had only indulged him because what he did was beneficial to the Carefree Valley as it would expand the Carefree Valley’s might. Despite the fact that he holds such great powers, he had never cared for vain titles and fame, always keeping a very low profile within the Carefree Valley, never seeming like he was plotting anything. I have never been able to fathom just what is it that he really seeks…..”